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Cathal Bothvar-Skogkarl
...people of Asa land, it's only just begun...
...people of Asa land, it's only just begun...
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If you think my patience
Is ocean vast
Or river deep
You can fuck off and die!

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Now that the wind called my name
And my star had faded now hardly a glimpse up in the empty space
And the wise one-eyed great father in the sky stilled my flame

For the ones who stood me near
And you few who were me dear
I ask of thee to have no doubts and no fears

For when the great clouds fills the air
And the thunder roars from o, so far away up in the sky
Then for sure you will know that I have reached the joyous hall up high

With my bloodbrothers at side
All sons of father with one eye
We were all born in the land of the blood on ice

And now you all who might hear my song
Brought to you by the northern wind have no fear
Though the night may seem so everlasting and forever dark

There will come a golden dawn
At ends of nights for all yee on whom
Upon the northstar always shines

The vast gates to hall up high
Shall stand open wide and welcome you with all its within
And Oden shall hail us bearers of a pounding hammerheart

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I have learned to speak the tongue of the animal
I have learned to read the signs in bark and snow.
I have taken within myself the spirits of my fathers,
long time gone.
In this short time, far from home, a man of Iron I've grown.
A man of Iron I have grown.

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This is my church
It stands so tall and proud
It has done for all time

It has no walls
Yet its vast halls
Reach from shore to shore

To whatever shore
You know as your own
We stand as one, we stand alone

We are born
From the same womb
Hewn from the same stone

From the frozen Baltic
I watched sunrise over Athena
Walked the battlefields of Flanders
And saw duskfall at Cintra

Beneath the spires of Sofia
Fields of crosses at Arnhem
Armenius stood tall in Teuteborg
Senatus Populusque Romanus

To the fjords of Hordaland
Shadows of ancient Albion
At the shore of a 1000th lake
Saint Vitus dance in Praha

Yet when to Ireland we Return
I know that I am home at last
And every sun that sets
Takes me closer to her Earth

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the magical folk music of Eastern Europe

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First day we made axes of stones
Weapon of wild ones, blood flesh and bones
Second day we got swords of steel
Growing so stronger learning to kill
Third day we became archers
Spitting with death, the cold blood butchers
Fourth day we've found out a powder
The mighty dust to amplify our power!

We shall rise again! We shall!

Fifth day we've invented the tanks
Machine guns and mustard gas
Sixth day we've built aviation
To rule in the air, to sow extermination
Seventh day we've found out chain reaction
The nuclear blast we love to destruction
We dropped the bomb, we washed all away
But next day there were stone axes again!

We shall rise again! We shall!

Civilization! Look at me!
Civilization! Look at me!
Civilization! I am free!
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