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Ella Lives in My Heart - 2 undiagnosed Accreta's.
truth is, there is no crystal ball.   We
try our best in life to be healthy, even if we knew what lies ahead; there is
something quite remarkable in the human spirit. I had a hard time accepting 'miscarriages
just happen' after our second loss in 2009 a...

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So thankful for breast milk donors :)

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You have my heart
Riley-James  Me and my baby, together we fought. On the day he entered this world, A great lesson we were taught. Doctors talking to me to keep me awake. To keep me from falling asleep and not being able to wake. Feeling myself drifting and lights all fadin...

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Counting My Blessings - Christine's Accreta Story
Christine’s Story It was a sunny warm spring day.   The birds were chirping and the sun was
shining on my face.   As I sat on my porch
with my feet up, life seemed so good, but in reality, fear and concern took
over any feelings of joy I had over the precio...

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Lucky to be Alive, Melinda Catalano - Sunrise
National Blood Donor Week - Australia

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Ashley's Journey with Placenta Accreta and Placenta Previa
Tummy time.  I found out i was 3 weeks pregnant on june 8th, and everything was going perfect. My husband and I were so excited to be pregnant with number 2. Then at 13 weeks I started bleeding heavily out of nowhere so we went to the emergency room. They d...

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Some great media for the foundation :)

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Stephanie's Story - Placenta Previa and Percreta
Baby Sienna I fell pregnant with my second child
when my son was about 7 months old, I had a c-section when he was
born. The second pregnancy wasn't planned but naturally we were very
happy. At 25 weeks pregnant I began bleeding I didn't really panic
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