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Bird and Nature Photographer

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I would like to invite people to Spectacles of Nature: A Photographic Journey, Friday January 18, Montpelier, Vermont

For more information please visit the North Branch Nature Center website:

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Another great circle for Google+!

Here is version 7 of the Nature & Landscape Photographers circle. I reviewed about 700 profiles for this update and selected the 375 photographers I liked best. There are about 130 new additions! I will list  them in the comments ...

To get into this circle, you don't have to re-share it, circle me back or send me candy. Just make sure to share awesome nature and landscape images. It's that simple!!!

Want to be (re-)considered for inclusion? Leave a comment or contact me directly, if you feel you meet the criteria: posting primarily good nature and landscape images on G+ on a regular basis. Next update: as soon as I find the time ;)

Tag:  #NLPV7

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Youth Art Contest ends Sep 30! Is your art in? Your kids'? Grandkids? Send it, bring it, share it!

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I am working on being at a few craft shows and farmer's markets this year, starting with the Westford Farmer's Market Vermont this Friday from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. I will have a huge assortment of blank note cards (including boxed sets), some matted prints, framed prints, and my favorite new thing: Flashbags! See my digital composite "Raven and Moon" or go to to see what other bags I currently have in stock.

Hope to see you there!

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White-tailed Deer Fawn

Well instead of simply admiring the deer that graze in my backyard I finally took out my camera and photographed one.  I got photos of a buck, a doe, and now at long last, one of the fawns.  There are twins that visit my yard several times a week.  This one in particular was a bit more bold than its sibling, allowing me to capture a few shots before it retreated into the woods.

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Sounds like fun!  I am trying to figure out what I should submit for August...  :)
Registered Submissions so far to August #BestShot Event
Version 1 - 8/9/2012

If you are in this circle...

1) You are attending the August Event =)
2) You have correctly submitted the photo to the event using the RED Add Photo button
3) You ARE following +Give me your best shot #BESTSHOT 

If you have turned in a photo to the theme.. but do NOT see yourself in this circle...

1) Make sure you did it from the event.
2) Make sure you are following +Give me your best shot #BESTSHOT 
3) Mention +Give me your best shot #BESTSHOT in the comment of your photo so I see it and can get you added to the circle.

We have to be able to commincate as the page with you for the event to work.. that is why we are asking you  to circle the page.

Feel free to share circle and follow your fellow contributors and the #BestShot  team

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Sounds like a fun theme!

Today I announce we have a new way of sharing your work, rather than just post the photo and enter some titles, now you can tell me what was happening before the photo was taken, the most importantly how did you took it. Tell me what had inspire you to click on that.

There will be no theme page, but details as follow:
Hashtag: #HowIShotThisPhoto
Curator: +Vince Ong
Schedule: Every day

This theme runs every day, I don't set the limits of the post per day but please do not flood the stream.

Now do me a favor, please spread the news, plus one and share!
#DPT #DailyPhotographyThemes +Daily Photography Themes
#daily #dailythemes #photography #themes #everyday #anyday #photoshoot

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Ruddy Turnstone

This turnstone is from among my first images.  Shot with the Nikon D1, which produced a color cast with my after market lenses.  Most of my images from it requires a bit of fixing in post process.

I decided my digital image file system is completely inadequate so I've been sifting through my early work - starting there to develop a scheme that will work a bit better for me.

Anyone have input on how they file their libraries of digital images? Would love to hear!!  :) 

In any case, it's easy to go through the early stuff because I'm able to delete a lot.  :)   Initial thoughts are that I sure wish I had learned to use manual exposure for birds in flight a bit earlier! 

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Sandhill Crane Landing

Posted for #BirdPoker Skies theme curated by +Phil Armishaw!  Happy Friday!  :)

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Brandt's Cormorant

Haven't played a hand in a while...always found the blues in this image to be quite striking, thought it might fit the #BirdPoker "Blue" theme curated by +Phil Armishaw  today. 
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