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Be Specific + Love what you do! = SpecificLove


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Simple Air Filtration System for your Workshop and Garage Dust Collection

Just like many workshops, I constantly have airborne dust that floats around my area and gets everywhere. So to help combat with that situation, I built a simple air filtration system out of some common household items. Just a simple floor fan and a filter encased in a custom frame that is strong enough to be located on the floor, on a wall, or hung from the ceiling.

#woodworking #cleanair #diy #maker #woodworker #workshop #build #airfilter #dustcollection
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How to Build a Large Dog House DIY

We have an outside dog that stays under our back porch, but on rainy days a lot of water flows through this area so he just stays wet.
And to help him stay dry and warmer during the winter months, I decided to build him a raised dog house for his comfort.
Most of the lumber used for this project was from an old wooden crate that I took apart recently thus keeping this build relatively cheap.
Now he is a happy warm pet.

#doghouse #diy #dogs
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Super Simple Pen Blank Drilling Jig

If you like to make wooden pens or plan on making some in your future, having an easy way to drill the pen blanks can help speed up process and prevent errors with your work.
So in this video, I will show you how to make a simple Pen Blank Drilling Jig to make the whole process easier and quicker.

#woodworking #jig #pen
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Computer Case Mobile Stand DIY

I will show you how to make a simple mobile stand for a high tech gaming computer for about $10.
I recently built a custom studio desk for my son that would host his new gaming computer, which he built.
But to help with some additional cooling for the unit, he asked for a simple way to lift the case off the floor.

#computer #computerdesk #computersetup
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Tic Tac Toe Toilet Paper Holder and Bathroom Decor

I have an extra bathroom in the garage that is very plain and could use some upgrades, so I started with this Tic-tac-toe toilet paper holder that also adds a touch of decor
There a have been other versions of this wall art, but I never seen any of them which did not have an outside frame.
Now it looks like the bottom paper rolls are floating.
This is a simple build and I hope you have a great time watching and making one.

#bathroom #decor #diy
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Custom Studio Desk DIY for the Office or Gaming

My son needed a custom desk for his room that could hold some of his audio equipment and be used with his gaming system. So I built this one of a kind desk that would be slightly wider than his piano stand and fit in the same general position in his room.
It also has lifted sides for speakers so the sound comes from the same direction as the monitor.
Underneath the desk is a sliding drawer for the piano keyboard.

#plywoodfurniture #desk #rustic #diy #plywood #customdesk #woodfurniture #furniture #woodworking #furnituremaker #modern #decor #diyprojects #custom #computerdesk #gaming #piano
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How to make Fancy Plywood Coasters | Home Decor

Have you ever wanted some truly unique decor for your house. Well here is a great way to make some awesome looking coasters.
I have recently been building some projects with plywood and had some leftover pieces, so I decided to make some fancy plywood coasters.
This is a fairly simple project and can make a great gift for your family and friends.
Watch and Enjoy.

#diy #decor #plywood
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How to make a Mallet with Plywood - The BumbleBee Mallet

I have wanted a wooden mallet so I can use it with my chisels and other wooden tools. But instead of buying a new one, I decided to see if I could build one with some birch plywood.
Now plywood is definitely not the most preferred material to make a mallet out of but I thought it would look a really unique and somewhat resemble a bumblebee.

#diy #woodworking #mallet
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How I Convinced my Wife to Buy MORE TOOLS
#wife #tools
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Fireplace Firewood Rack and Cart DIY

During winter months I like to have a fire to warm the house, but when I store the wood outside, I have to get cold to get warm.
To fix that problem, I built this heavy-duty firewood cart that will easily roll on carpets and hardwood floors.
Now I can have a full night of firewood that can easily be rolled around inside the house.

#diy #make #build #ironpipe #firewood
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