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It looks like my PCs may be travelling to Carcosa. Although I own the LofTP book and the 4 AD&D modules, I'd like to have as much low-prepcontent as possible to draw from. (I'm also planning on using Realms of Crawling Chaos).

Looking through old postings, I found The Carcosan Grimoire, and I also became aware of Obregon's Dishonor. When I tried to find the latter on RPG Now I see that while the review is there the product is no longer available.

I was wondering if anyone had PDFs they wouldn't mind sharing (I believe the product was free) and/or hard copies which I'd happily by. Going back it seems like +Ramanan S and +Cameron DuBeers maybe had copies?

And if there's any other Carcosa material that I should be aware of, please let me know.

Thanks in advance - Mark

Anyone know of any active codes?

Looking for 1-3 players to join the D&D campaign I've been running over Roll20 this year.

It's more or less weekly, Wednesdays at 7PM Pacific, 9PM Central/10PM EST in the US. But there's no weekly requirement - you're welcome to drop in or out all the time.

We use B/X D&D with AD&D classes optional. I've been using some OSR/DIY books like Vornheim and Yoon-Suin as jumping off points/inspiration, but added my own pretty significant twists.

(As a caveat - I'm a relatively new-ish DM. I've probably run about 20-25 sessions this year. Rules aren't my strong suit. But I'm a professional comics writer and the group is basically all creative people - mostly indie comic creators. The group is a mix of veterans and newbies, they all seem to be enjoying themselves. So I think I do okay.)

I've posted write-ups of the first six sessions on bare bones blog here: That's just to give you a feel - we're probably 10 or so sessions ahead of that. (I"m going to make a real blog of it at some point with pictures etc.) You can be caught up pretty easily, and it's a sandbox game where you'd be welcome to push the campaign in any direction you like.

If you're interested or know someone who might me, please let me know and feel free to share/spread this around.

Also - I'm looking for a live play group in Los Angeles, so if you know of one with a slot for me I'd love to join in so I can play as well as DM.

Thanks in advance - Mark

Looking for a good "random encounters while at sea" table for D&D. Preferably BECMI or AD&D 1E or LotFP but open to anything. Can be from a published book/module/supplement, blog wherever. Suggestions?

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I may need to be physically restrained from buying this game
Obviously, Kingdom Death: Monster looks like something that I need in my life, and the reviews have been good, but the core game is over $400. Holy guacamole. That doesn't include the various expansions, which include cool monsters and whatnot. Add those in, and you're talking about A THOUSAND DOLLARS. That is bananas! I keep hoping that they'll put out a Wal-Mart edition that I can actually afford, but something tells me that this is not realistic. So I will just sit here and look at the pictures and daydream, I suppose. Have any of you actually played this thing? Let me live vicariously through your accounts.

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This is brilliant.
This is the most terrifying, and the most likely, vision of the cybernetic future I've ever seen

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I cannot recommend these comics more highly, especially if you like RPGs.
Everyone who ordered comics from me should get those things today! If you live outside the US and ordered things I don't know when they'll arrive, they didn't tell me. I figure about a week (from last Friday). Thanks so much for the support!

ALSO 🔥 I only have FIVE copies of HEXER left. Once they're gone they're gone. $5.00 United States, $10.00 international. Both prices include shipping.

Anyone know what the B/X and/or AD&D rules are for elves/magic users using wands etc. that cast spells above their level? And while I'm at it, the ability of thieves to use scrolls?

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+Benjamin Marra started drawing things from our D&D game on Roll20 and I chipped in a few bits. That's Zabutai the Thief taking the mask from the exotic dancer for her nefarious scheme. +Mark Sable is the DM and +Todd J and +Aaron Gillespie are playing too.
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