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I used to wake up with snowballing worries every. single. morning.

The avalanche of fear, sabotage and self-doubt was my constant reminder of what my life was: an infinite space of absolutely nothing. These thoughts defined me as weak and hopeless. Wasted time and worthless energy. I was convinced that this was permanent and absolute.

I occupied this space for years, going around and around the torturous cycle.

But today, I live my life from a place of kindness, acceptance and love. And I want to support you to discover your version of this. Because you totally deserve a bright, beautiful, bursting with joy kinda life (press pause with me on the inner voice saying ‘no you don’t’). You do.

One of my biggest realisations to date:

The isolated, cold, miserable, hate-driven space does not have to be permanent. You can shift atmospheres. You can create peace and greatness in your own right. I have and so can you.

Let me show you how ->

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Public Speaking and Interactive Workshops are remarkable platforms.

They offer an opportunity for wider community connection and support through the art of sharing.

I am an advocate for Personal Development, Mind Health and Emotional Wellbeing and this is a unique engagement tool which allows me to fulfil my mission.

I have had the pleasure of speaking at various events and organisations in our community. I have spoken at the Hillarys Wellness Expo about my personal experience with Mental Illness and how I transitioned to acceptance and love, I have facilitated group meditations focusing on self-awareness, stress management and body acceptance as part of Perth's first Kindness Trail and I have spoken to Young People at local High School's about confidence, mental health, relationships and online influence. I also host fortnightly community workshops and meditation sessions at Beaumaris Community Hall.

I am thrilled to be working with more organisations, schools and local businesses this year. The ripple effect is in motion!

Every connection and every engagement is special. Life is fluid. To match the ebb and flow, I am flexible. I am constantly completing research and conversing with people in the community about the needs that are seeking support. Therefore the presentations I offer are continuously evolving.

I am deeply grateful to share with you.

With the rapid incline of people in our community identifying they are experiencing difficulty in their lives, an invitation has been sent for support to be offered.

Every individual experiences pain, sadness, anger, doubt or fear in their life. It is not about the actual emotion, emotions are natural and inevitable. My focus is instead on how emotion is processed and expressed.

Every individual experiences thoughts. Some thoughts are supportive, others continue to twist and torture. Thoughts are natural and inevitable. My focus is specifically on the type of thoughts that are present and how I can support someone to unlock the unlimited potential within to transform and grow.

This is where the golden ticket is waiting. When an individual becomes aware of their emotion and chooses to positively express the emotion, the community (workplace, family, school, etc) becomes a much kinder and peaceful place. When an individual becomes aware of their thought patterns and their behaviours, the community shifts directions and begins to sail forward toward compassion, connection, success and abundance.

Every group is filled with incredible individuals. The investment is worth it.

Imagine the benefits for your whole community? Your workplace, your school, your family...

The potential is huge!

Increased motivation, self-confidence, improved loyalty and integrity to others as well as your community, a better sense of self therefore creating more positive and authentic relationships, clear vision and purpose, an ability to trust, a willingness to learn and discover more, a better understanding of kindness, effective communication skills, a greater perspective on personal and cultural values, I could go on and on.

Bottom line, everyone can benefit from this type of support.


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You know when you meet someone and you can sense how deeply connected they are to their truth and their purpose?

They treat themselves and others with kindness and hold a refined focus for respect.

They stand proudly in themselves and say ‘no thank you’ to comparison.

Confidence seems to simply ooze out of them.

It’s almost infectious being around one of these in-tune individuals right?

After you've interacted with someone like this, you are often left with an inner craving for the same kind of consciousness and an urgency of ‘I want what they’re having’.

These abundant humans are carving their unique greatness in the world (let’s give them a huge shout out and roaring cheer because let’s face it, the world needs more authentic-living individuals).

And guess what?! They are leaving a path of inspiration for others to follow.

It may seem that these let’s call them Truth Followers, have life sussed, maybe they appear to be floating through each day without a care in the world or gracefully advancing through adversity. Well you’re probably right. On the outside that is more than likely what you see.

However, if you were to take a ride inside the minds of the Truth Followers, I guarantee they too would have been visited by self-doubt, fear, anger, hate and resentment just like you and me.

So how are they able to live a peaceful, free and love filled life?

I'll show you how ->

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I have been using essential oils for the past 12 months and the influence they have had on my life still astounds me. I often find myself asking the question ‘what did I do before essential oils?’, because the oils have become such a fantastic wellness support for me.
I have incorporated the oils into my everyday life and I use them to support my mental health, my gut health, my skin health, my hormone health and my immunity health PLUS I use them with all my loved ones to support their health and wellness as well. You can even use them while you are cooking!
I invite you to come and explore the beauty of essential oils and discover this hidden gem of wellness.
What are Essential Oils?

#healthandwellness #holistichealing #essentialoils #transform #grow 

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My mission is to create connection, compassion and understanding and design a space for us to support one another to heal and grow. 
Let’s turn our focus to worthiness. There are days when I wholeheartedly believe that I am worthy of a beautiful life. Then there are others when I show up to the party with doubt and sabotage as my guests.
When I first started noticing this, I knew I needed to do something to remind myself of my truth – that I am worthy.

#believe #transform #heal #healthandwellness #selfwort #change #learn #grow  

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Inner craziness is not supportive! We are not productive when we are in this mindset and we are not encouraging our health to flourish when we are constantly being bashed around hour to hour.
We want to feel calm and collected and we want to have peaceful flow oozing through each day. Living each day with ease is a fantastic goal and this can be achieved when we take some precious time to invite stillness into our lives.
Here are my top 5 tips to create stillness in your life right now.

#transformation #healing #growth #selfdevelopment #inspire #change 

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Hate and anger destroy hope and love.
There is no possibility of peace and happiness when hate fills our world.
To heal hate we must love.
We have to choose.
Enchantment of the soul can only transpire when we are honest.
Honesty can only occur when we allow it.
We have to choose.

#griefandloss #healing #transformation #self-love #self-worth #inspire #mentalhealthawareness  

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Your life is precious.

Please share your love with yourself and give yourself permission to reach out and seek guidance. It's the bravest thing you can do for yourself. Believe you are worthy of this.

Together we can illuminate your path to happiness and love.

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12 months ago I decided I was going to go on an adventure around the world and on the exact same day I decided I was going to travel somewhere as a Volunteer.

“Volunteering is at the very core of being a human. No one has made it through life without someone else’s help.”
– Heather French Henry

#sarahasher   #volunteer   #heal   #giveback   #explore   #expand   #selfdevelopment  

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But, it really didn’t matter what we were doing or where we were going (don’t get me wrong, I LOVED seeing new places, being out in nature and exploring museums, castles and village towns)… it was the connection, the bonds that we created. That was where the mind-blowing, heart-growing goodness happened.

It was through our conversations.

#sarahasher   #travel   #selfgrowth   #heal   #connection  
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