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Neil Munro
Probably more madness than genius...
Probably more madness than genius...

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God delights in pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows
Weird title, but you need to understand something first, watch this YouTube video, all of it, now. Now, I've seen only two reactions to this "Oh my goodness this is the greatest thing ever!!!1111 lolz" However, I fall into the other reactionary camp of "Has...

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3.0 - One whopper of a change.
"I'm phoning you from Trenzalore, from before I changed. I mean, it's all still to happen for me, it's coming... Oh it's a-coming. Not long now, I can feel it." "Why? Why did you do this?" "Because I think it's going to be a whopper!" This was quite an emot...

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2.9 (3.0 pre-release).
So, looking back at what I wrote yesterday, I have not been disappointed. I knew going into this that I had to position myself to receive what was available to me. It’s like… Apple fans, they’re camp for days to get the latest iDevice, they’ll come with foo...

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Upgrade to 3.0
Ok, obscure title, well, nerdy title, but what did you expect? It's conference week here where I live and last year was the first year that I went to the conference and it felt like my entire life had been rebuilt from scratch. I wasn't ready for it, didn't...

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Trust is choosing to fall and knowing you'll be there...
I’m at the point where I need to just spew, I’ve tried multiple times to write a post this month and I’m just unable to organise it into anything resembling anything coherent so here’s the ramblings of a crazed mind. I sit here, in bed, feeling a cocktail o...

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May 7th: X
Cryptic title, perhaps, but it'll all become obvious when you read the words 'general election'. To anyone not from the UK reading this, on May 7th 2015 the UK will be holding a general election to decide who will be running our government for the next five...

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So, I made a new thing:

It's actually not that new, but it's as close to being releasable as it ever has been. So instead of waiting until it was great, I thought I'd release it while it was working.

And it does work, it's been used to run multiple live events, I can't stress that enough, it's been used and I rely on it to run community events!

Come one, come all, show me what you will use it for.

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The Prison In My Mind: Part 3, The Voice
 So, uhm, it's been a while, things at work have been busy and I moved at the end of last year and there's been a few teething issues, I think for the time being I might reduce my posting schedule to once a month to keep everything in balance. In the last p...

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How a movie helped get me out of a sneaky depression spiral
So, I meant to post last Friday and I didn't and I meant to post the next part of the 'prison' topic that I am working on, and I'm not. You see I'm shaking off what seems to have been a sudden onset of I-don't-care-but-staying-in-bed-seems-like-a-perfectly-...
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