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The sheng (, which originates back to 1100 BC, is capable of almost perfectly replicating the music in the Mario games franchise -- coin noises included.

Gamers Circle.
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At The Loading Bay Gallery in Shoreditch for +Warehouse Fashion's #FashionShooters Festival. New friends, delicious food by The Wandering Chef, the awesome stylists of Toni&Guy, and such queues, much hair, wow.

All in all, there's one thing everyone should know:

Fashion photography is srs bzns, yo.
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That makes much more sense, although a sandwich holster was a cool idea too...
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I suppose it's about time for one of those every-so-often checkins I always forget about, whoo! Notable things that I've done since returning to New York include:

- Went to a poetry brothel and purchased a reading from the talented Rowan Ricardo Phillips. A beautiful pair of poems, never before read or seen by anyone else.

- Took the Staten Island Ferry and disembarked on the island for the first time ever. Not terribly impressed, SI, but the roulette shots and board games sleepover made it worth it, I suppose.

- Modeled for art for the first time ever, for the lovely Stephanie Corne ( and the charming Kevin Richardson -- and even trekked out to the bowels of Brooklyn to do so.

- Attended New York Fashion Week, and got a glimpse of both worlds: an amateur showcase of young designers from the Asia Fashion Collection, after which we snuck into a higher fashion show for Venexiana by Kati Stern.

- Watched the Knicks get trounced by the Warriors at Madison Square Garden as the christening of my first pro basketball game and first event at MSG ever.

- Was enabled to purchase two lovely bracelets from Henri Bendel at an amazing discount. Slowly becoming a rich person, one expensive item at a time? xD

- Watched the U.S. revival of Les Misérables, as my first time watching it after actually having read the book and being familiar-ish with the cast.

As for future plans, I anticipate there'll be more for me to report before I finally make my way off from here, so stay tuned! ;D
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I have no clue what most of that means. But that sounds amazing! :DDD  Good luck?!
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It's finally here.
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Indeed. XD
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It's only (only!) been two and a half years of living in Manhattan, and yet I feel like I'm leaving a bit of myself behind. It's been grand getting to know the city, the people, and the culture of a place that I've felt I've belonged to since I was a little kid, burrowing my own niche into a place vibrating with so much going on at every moment, at every hour.

But never fear…! I will be back, as they say, for New York will always be in my heart, and will forever be home in the end.

For now? I've gotta kiss some Californians a long-awaited hello and a temporary goodbye and experience a million dalliances, a million adventures, (and, of course, a million euros) in France.

See y'all on the flip side. <3
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New York is a microcosm. Enjoy the macrocosm.
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Twenty different ways to split Europe.
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Wants it framed, precious.
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Safely in London, well-enough rested, and currently booking a room in Paris for the 24th through the night of the 25th!

Today included a indoor tour of SOAS and its amazing cafeteria, photos of protestors and rock gardens, delicious free vegan food, and then a nap to power through the rest of the night reading and/or tagging for Les Mis while sipping tea in a bubble bath in a boutique hotel.

Oh, Europe. How I am so excited to be with you semi-permanently soon. 
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Delicious Vegan food! Where are the pics?!
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Got to 3168. x_x
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What it says on the tin, only a million times more beautiful.

For SCIENCE!; h/t to +Chris Galardi.
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Since everyone was awake and it's technically now Christmas, we decided that we'd do presents!

The haul includes:

- My decade+long perfume tradition, started by my awesome older brother, is continued thanks to my mum and her boyfriend!

A Kindle Paperwhite from my little brother. Now I can finally read all the books!!! All the recommendations welcome again!

Merry Christmas, all. <3
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