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Back on Plus from my Bionic. have you tried it yet???

Been neglecting Google Plus. Got some fun things in the works soon, though. :)

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1000% agree.
If you want to see true change in government, abolish...

* Salaries
* Campaign Donations
* Kickbacks

...for all elected officials.

[Edited for clarification]

Mr. E's Beautiful Blues...what a tune.

The OFFICIAL and FINAL repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) has been signed and within 60 days will take full effect. What's more disgusting than the law itself, is the fact that we as a 'free country' ever allowed it to be put into action. +1 for progress! :)

Feel free to send me a Huddle if you're using mobile! It's a pretty cool chat service. 

Share/+1 this if you feel that senators, representatives, governors, and other high-ranking government officials shouldn't make more than active duty, working military members. What makes them any better or worth more? (Hint: the answer is nothing.)

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Why is this, Youngstown?!
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