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Nothing escapes your eyes, +Kevin Staff I saw this video when it was posted and did not notice that visual gag of Pirillo getting his finger dusted. I had to watch it again and there it was! :D
+Roberto Cordero LOL - Well that is all I see now when I look at at any vid. I'm looking for little loops I can extract. The finger looks an easy target and it is relatively though it is moving in the vid so I had to still it and make it a bit larger and also Chris's face is from an earlier scene. I take bits and pieces and in this case try to marry them seamlessly so it appears as this scene actually exists exactly as shown though in reality it never took place. Thank you for all your comments. They are greatly appreciated. Cheers! 
I had always appreciated the effort that goes into making these gifs +Kevin Staff, but now, after reading your explanation, I appreciate it even more.
I concur! This is so well done!
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