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Around Here Lately...
I am enjoying some free time and relaxation before Baby Boy Clancy rocks our world, so I have not been keeping up with the blog. Here are some pictures to recap the past few months... We took a trip to Kentucky to go on the Bourbon Trail with our sweet frie...

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Crib: Before & After
My cousin was so sweet to give us her old crib, and I was thrilled that Shane was willing to refinish it to coordinate with some furniture that he antiqued about 4 years ago .  It was a quite process, and with Shane's long work hours and terrible commute he...

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Second Trimester Recap
14 weeks - Peach Baby’s probably thumb sucking and wiggling his toes
in there! Baby’s kidneys are making urine, and the liver and spleen are doing
their jobs too. And baby’s growing lanugo, a thin, peach-fuzz-like hair, all
over—it’ll help keep the body war...

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Health Scare -- Trisomy 18
Edward’s Syndrome is what she called it, and the rest was
just a blur. I was sitting at my desk at work the Thursday before our Gender
Reveal Shower when the nurse called with results from our Panorama/Natera DNA Panel. The same
test results that revealed t...

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Gender Reveal: Baby BOY Clancy
Our dear friends Angela and Steve hosted a gender reveal shower for us on March 11.  The theme was Wheels or Heels, and the Facebook invitation read:  Wheels or heels, boots or bows.  Until March 11th, only the hostess will know!  By mid-September, Baby Cla...

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First Trimester Recap
Wow! The first trimester has flown by! Here is a little recap. How I Found Out: Despite all of my Lyme complications, my period still remained very regular. I didn't think for one second I was pregnant, but when I didn't start my period on time I decided to...

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Two Red Lines
The pained look from my Lyme symptoms no longer stains my
face. Strangers and loved ones alike say I look happier, healthier, and bright.
(Their words… not mine!) They say I have glow about me – little do they know it’s
because of you. I don’t even know you...

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You Aren't Wealthy Until ...
The new IDS wasn't helpful at all, but they rarely are down here in the South -- at least in my experience. There are so many misconceptions surrounding Lyme disease -- it has been difficult to find someone who knows enough to actually be helpful and also h...

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Knock On Wood!
Happy New Year! Recently, I have had a random streak of symptom-free days, and I wanted to do a quick post to share this incredible news! I am currently on my 8th day symptom free (knock on wood!) I am so grateful! I have been eating much cleaner recently, ...

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Who Do You Know That Knows Someone?
I need a doctor. A Lyme literate (LLMD) one to be exact, but I will settle for an IDS in Georgia -- the kind that doesn't get hung up on the controversy between "post treatment lyme" and "chronic lyme". I don't need just any doctor, but one that is up for a...
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