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Processing raw wool fleece

I posted several weeks ago about a who fleece that I bought. Well, after several hours of picking locks, we got my first bag together and washed it. Holy Cats, this is nice wool. I'm a little unhappy with how much material I'm losing in the combing process but am entirely ecstatic about the quality of the wool that's coming out the end if the washing process.

+Kelley Vanda, you wanted to be kept informed. 
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Awesome! Thank you!
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If 24 hours passes with no comment from that player, ping the next person, it's their turn unless the original person gets to it first.

I want to raise this directive from the game's "rules" to your attention.  I'm basically the only one who does this, regardless of who's turn it is.  It may be that I'm just the one who keeps this game closest to mind, but it might also be something else.  Is there a reason-reason* y'all don't engage in this practice?

* I think a reason-reason is something like a philosophical objection or social discomfort or inaccessibility or whatever.  Not stuff like out of sight out of mind.

Anyway, I feel a little funny reaching, unilaterally, into everyone's turns to do this and part of what I'd like to ask is whether it's all good or it bothers anyone or whatever.
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Hey, you're a lot like me!  I often don't notice things until it's my turn again.
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Welcome to the game, +Kelley Vanda!

Read the rules in the About this community section and follow the link to the folder of Google docs.  Check out a few of the maps along the timeline.  Look at the non-map documents and pay particular attention to the Turn Action Randomizer as that'll give you instructions on your turn.  Also review the post Alexander made about suggestions for play.  I recently made some drawing helper slides that are saved in the Shared Assets folder, that may be helpful.

And ask us questions!

I've placed you at the end of the turn-order and you'll get 'plussed in' by the player before you so that you're summoned to take your turn. 

I need to grant you edit permissions to the folder of Google Docs and that requires an email address.  You can tell me here which one to invite or you can email me at clweeks at Google's mail domain and I'll get you added.
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Yay!  More players!
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Christopher Weeks

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OK, here's me sharing manatee:

I once picked a baby manatee up, from the floor of the six-foot deep estuary, lifting it to the surface of the water so that my two friends in a canoe could fondle its hide.  It's mother, as mammal mothers are known for, chastised me in the strongest possible way by nibbling at my toes.  Which tickled.  That was in December of 1989 in Crystal River, Florida.
I double checked and it's that time of the year when there's need to share more manatee on GooglePlus.

Feel free to use mine.
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Manatee love! +Cary Rogers 
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Christopher Weeks

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Good god! The new Dwarf Fortress is out. I wonder if I can afford a day off...
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Ahhh, the wonders of buggy new releases. That said, my dwarf adventurer starting in their home region and being able to hire dwarf companions who can then die and have their armor ganked is a nice thing :-)
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Happy Independence Day!
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Have him in circles
612 people
Wow.  I was just over at Kickstarter, backing the new DCC boxed sword and planet setting and noticed that it's my 101st project backed.  You know what they say; a fool and his money...
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East Side Elder

I ran across this recipe looking for St. Germain cocktails that I hadn't tried. And I was doubly excited because I'd just bought this gin in response to a post by +Marshall Miller the other day.

This drink feels more like a summer cocktail than most of the things I try.
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St. Germain is like liquid candy, but like Kelley notes, not too cloying.  It is amazingly good and I don't really let myself drink it alone because it would go too fast.

Prairie is better than the last gin I tasted -- or my tastes have changed.  But it also announces itself as being mildly flavored.  It's local, organic and mild -- seemed like a good place to start with gin.
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Map Game has a player-opening!

I figure because of the #blamesage circle-explosion, there will be a bunch of you who haven't seen me talk about this yet.

I'm playing a map-making game with some folks here on G+ and Google Docs. It's pretty neat and includes: building the graphic map (as you can see from this nonrepeating (oops) animation), making changes to previously added bits of map, naming places, writing up what's special about those named places, generating random encounter tables for parts of the map, fiddling with the rules of the game itself, etc. Most importantly right now, the game includes a periodic option to invite new players. I just played a turn of the game (happens just barely more often than once a week currently) and was instructed to recruit a new player.

So here's the deal! Look at our community ( ), read a bit, follow the links, see what the turns involve. Take ten or fifteen minutes to make sure you're interested. If you are, let me know.

Due to past communications, if +Marshall Miller wants to play and he says so soonish, he gets the current slot. Otherwise, whoever says they want in first, they're in. Anyone else who wants in will be in a queue for the next time I (or maybe one of my fellow players) get the option to recruit.
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Neat idea. I'll check it out too for now.
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Christopher Weeks

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Turn 143

I did more to integrate the village spanning 3,3 and 4,3, including moving some houses around and then selecting them all and (ctrl-g) grouping them so that going forward, they'll move/edit as a unit unless someone ungroups them.

I'm also going to put out a call for recruits as my second action.  I suspect with all my new #blamesage circles, there are people who haven't seen this game at all.

In the meantime, hopefully +Alexander Cherry can take a turn...
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Well, a copy of it...
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Christopher Weeks

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Turn 137

+Alexander Cherry, I started to take my turn and rolled two new tiles: but the spaces are all listed as (Sorted Free Tiles) and I'm not familiar enough with the spreadsheet to make quick sense out of it.

So, I decided to manually randomize where to add my tiles.  I've added (-1,-5) and (-3,2)!
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Oh wait, am I also up?  I thought I was just being summoned for the spreadsheet maintenance.  Well... okay then.  
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Christopher Weeks

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This is sort of bizarre.
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Have him in circles
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