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I think many of this guy's pieces would be great for building out adventurable venues based on the art.

Turn 905

I spent a token to ignore the dictate to add a tile. And then another one to choose to modify an action. I modified the text of the mandatory action action so that the bit that gets added to other actions reads "***This action must be chosen unless you spend a Choice Token to avoid it. If all actions on your turn come up with this edict, choose one of those rules from which to permanently remove this.***"

I'm a little less clear on what a principled stance says to do with the actions to which that rule has already been applied, but I chose to alter them. This can be undone if anyone is aghast.

Up next is +J.R. Zambrano!

I think there was art depicting an anthropomorphic orca in one of the Palladium TMNT books. But I can't find a link to it with a Google image search. Does anyone remember if such a picture really does exist, or better, have a link to it?

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If anyone is wondering what to get me, just for whatever reason...

I overheard my wife telling my daughter that Georgia is in Europe. So I corrected her that it's in Asia. And a few minutes later she comes back all mouthy that Wikipedia says it's on the edge between Europe and Asia. And I pull up a map and point, demanding to see if she thinks that's Europe. This is a currently disputed point in our house.

But it occurs to me that people here might have interesting things to say on this matter. So, please say them!

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I just ran across 30 Rails because it's up for a Golden Geek award. It's a pretty neat solo game -- quick to learn and play, and there's enough going on.

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More granddaughter!

(She slept almost the whole three hours we were visiting.)
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LOL. I thought that Google+ found a new way to be broken because I couldn't post comments anywhere. It turns out it's just that everyone's posting about Zak and doesn't want feedback.

Is anyone playing Sumer? Steam tells me that +Ralph Mazza owns it. I've only dicked around the tutorial a tiny bit and couldn't figure out how to set it up with only one player.
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