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Heading north and north. See you folks in a week.
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I'm seeing renewed discussion about Nazi-punching. And there's, coincidentally, a lens that I've been newly looking at this through that I want to share. It's genealogy! I picked up the old folder of info that I inherited when my mom died, and I've been interviewing my dad about his tree. And I'm doing my wife's family, too so that my daughter has as much info as possible.

So here, I'm showing you two images -- just screencaps from the online tool that I'm using to help me with my research.

The first is my mom's pedigree style tree. I have so much info I can't even get the damn thing all on one screen and I can only expose one branch back past the fourth generation. I have several branches back to England and the earliest is a birth in 1500. So far! There's more out there. I can keep filling in the blanks.

The second picture is my mother in law's chart. That's all there is. And almost certainly all there will ever be. Her parents were Polish Jews who escaped the Holocaust through equal parts luck and daring. Only one of the nodes on that chart other than her parents represents a person who survived the Nazis -- the rest, and countless cousins, are ghosts at Majdanek. One other cousin emigrated to the US before the war and that's her entire family. Not only that, but there are no records. Where official records were kept, they were purposely destroyed as part of the erasure.

So, I didn't grow up with the Holocaust as personal history, but I've adopted it. I have a Jewish wife and daughter for whom I would kill or die without hesitation. And when I see someone adopting the stylings and philosophy of Nazis, I have no choice but to assume they want me and mine dead or worse.

So that's where I come from on the issue of punching Nazis. Punch them, knock them down, kick them until they can't fight back, and shoot them in the head.
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My daughter, Kivi (16) was just negotiating with Cathy (my wife) for how much to be paid for an extra chore beyond her normal expectations. Cathy offered $9 and then after Kivi agreed, tried to back-track to $7. I yelled up the steps "hold out for $9!" and after Cathy agreed with some exasperation, we exchanged "power to the people" and "stick it to the man" which we adopted from Captain Fantastic. Kivi then changed it to "stick it to the mom!"

Just a moment in my life. :-)
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Local peeps, you have another month to see this. It was amazing.
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Trying to come up with this list has proven to me that I don't have enough museum experiences under my belt. One problem is that the really cool stuff is in crowded venues and I have a hard time coping. But...

1) La Brea Tar Pits and Museum (Los Angeles)
2) City Museum (St. Louis)
3) Stephen De Staebler at Laumeier Sculpture Park (St. Louis)
4) Degas and the Dance at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
5) The Mütter Museum (Philadelphia)

My honorable mention goes to the Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

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Cathy found this at Total Wine and brought it home. It’s great! It easily stands up to Cointreau and Grand Marnier and is better than a lot of orange liqueurs. Sadly, it isn’t a discount product like Bauchant.
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This should be in your game.
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Does anyone want a bunch of games? I have an offer on the lot that seems pretty low-ball. I do want to get rid of them, but it seems like I ought to be able to pick eight of the best games out of here and get more than they've offered. The list is:

String Railway
Perquacky [old]
Gaglgenbalance/Gallows Balance
Spill & Spell [old]
Perception (Ideal)
Parity: The Othello Card Game
Times Up
Toss Words [old]
Winhard [NIS]
Fluxx [1st set, ratty box]
Catan Dice Game
Mummy Rummy
Frog Juice
Rat-a-Tat Cat
Lilly's 3 For All
You're Bluffing
Parts Unknown
Glory to Rome I.V edition [NIS]
Family Business, 1st ed [quite Worn, damaged box]
Step Game (Plan Toys)
Dixie: Bull Run-1811 -- 9 copies, 8 are [NIS]
Nautilus, in German
Lowenherz, first ed, in German
Wettstreit Der Baumeister
El Grande + the El Grande Expansions
Lord of the Rings, cooperative (Hasbro)
Barbarosa (Kosmos)
Carson City
Bazaar (Discovery Toys)
Message to the Czar
Capt'n Clever
Roll Through the Ages
Nuts (Piatnik)
Scotland Yard
On Assignment with National Geographic
National Geographic Global Pursuit
Tele-Fun (AT&T Information Systems)
Squatter: the Australian Farming Game
Lotus (Ravensburger)
Ebay - Electronic Talking Auction Game
Kayanak (Haba)
Big City [unpunched] (Rio Grande)
Expedition [NIS]
3-A-Side [NIS -- except the shrink doesn't include the lid]
Crossed Wires
Maloney's Inheritance, in French [NIS -- the shrink on the back was broken to allow the official stamp at the Sid Sackson estate auction]
Looping Louie [used, box very used]
Mattix (Coleco and Orda)
Barricade (Coleco and Orda)
Stack Up (Coleco and Orda)
Q-Sets (Coleco and Orda)
China Topf (Haba)
Medici (Rio Grande)
Crocodile Pool Party
Ra (Rio Grande)
Breakthru (3M bookcase)
Twilight Struggle
5ive Straight
Blackbeard, 2nd ed (Avalon Hill)
Lord of the Rings - The Duel
Twixt (3M bookcase)
La Strada
Carcassone Hunters and Gatherers
Caylus Magna Carta
Poseidon {an 18xx game}
Carcassone the Discovery
Elfenland + Elfengold (Amigo)
Kribbel-Krabbel (ASS)
Pott (ASS)
Phoenicia [NIS]
Mystery of the Abbey
Lunar Rails
The Mind Game (Mind Games LTD, NZ)
The Powerpuff Girls: Saving the World Before Bedtime
Schleck Und Weg!!
Zapp Zerapp
Settlers of Catan - 1st (Mayfair) ed, 2 copies in pretty rough shape
Arrows (Orda)
Cosmic Encounter expansion #5 Moons (Eon) [unpunched, original packaging, never was in shrink]
Blockade 6 Spiele (Hexagames)
Braintwister (Orda)
Jotto (Selchow & Righter '73 ed)
Strata 5
The Imposter Party Game
Trivial Pursuit 10th Aniversary ed [worn]
Strange Syngergy [one split on box lid, insides good]
Eureka (Ravensburger)
Touche [rough]
Conquest of the Empire (MB '84) [Box is dished, but insides are good]
The Puppy Game

(And actually, I have more than that, I just ran out of time to box and catalog.)
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