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Elements (Final Project)
has been a long time coming. Collaborating with Htee has been something that we
have always wanted to do. One of my favorite things about this project is that
it shows just how different my style is compared to Htee’s. I am a person who
mainly fo...

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Carolee Schneemann
Carolee Schneemann was a very
interesting woman to study because of how strange she and her work was. As I
researched her I was immediately drawn to the very thing that her works try to
dispel. I was drawn in by the vulgarity, the strangeness, the sexuality...

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Lawton Hall
Meeting and observing Lawton Hall was an
interesting experience because I felt connected to him even though he was a
complete stranger. Knowing that he was an alumni was one thing but hearing his
experience after Lawrence was what cemented my association wi...

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“ Everyday Practices depend on a vast ensemble which is difficult to delimit but which we may provisionally designate as an ensemble of procedures. The latter are schemas of operations and of technical manipulations. ” - The Practice of Everyday Life, De Ce...

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The Everyday Mundane (Working in progress)
For Project #1, I am planning on exploring the everyday ritual of falling asleep. The action itself is not special or specific to one person; it is a universal thing we all do. However, how we experience sleep or the process of falling asleep can vary great...

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WAR V. YOUTH is a video project
that revolves around McLuhan’s notion of the global village. When I was younger
I had heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child, and in the
context in which McLuhan presents it, the world has become itself a g...

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Lao-Tze: The Value of the Non-Existent
     Researching in depth one of the references of Marshal McLuhan's book, surprisingly changed my outlook on what I once perceived - and still to a varying degree still perceive to be a glorified "magazine". The more time I had spent reading McLuhan's book...

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"Something is Happening" - The Exhibition
     Preparing for the gallery exhibition was a fun experience that nicely seemed to book-end the process of creating these photographs. A couple of weeks ago when these pictures were just pieces of digital memory locked in cameras, they didn't seem like pa...

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POST 9/11
     While keeping in mind the significance of silence I decided to create a soundscape that evoked the mood that I felt during 9/11. Although I was a very young child on that day, I, like everyone else, was affected by it and continue to be. In McLuhans wo...

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"The Lawrence Difference" - Photo Book
    In designing the layout for the photo book of "The Lawrence Difference"  I decided to go with an intuitive approach. When taking the photos of the set I was very meticulous of the composition and coordination of every individual shot and so thought that...
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