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Android and PHP programmer


I read that "Bionic needs to be loaded in each process"? Why can't it be shared among processes?

Is it possible for a LifecycleObserver to observe more than one LifecycleOwner?

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I was wondering how LifecycleOwner receive various lifecycle events avoiding direct implementation in parent classes and then I came across this post

It seems a <provider entry "android.arch.lifecycle.LifecycleRuntimeTrojanProvider" is created in manifest to gain entry and then Application class registerActivityLifecycleCallbacks() method is hooked to Activity lifecycle callbacks.

What seems to be further interesting is in the callback's onActivityCreated() method a headless fragment (ReportFragment) is attached to each activity.

In ReportFragment's overriden lifecycle methods onPause() etc. it's checked whether the Activity is a LifecycleOwner and if so its handleLifecycleEvent() method is called.

Have i understood it correctly?

In the LifecycleObserver class how good is it a practice to hold the reference of Lifecycle object? What complication can arise?

class MyLocationListener implements LifecycleObserver {
private Lifecycle mLifecycle;
public MyLocationListener(Context context, Lifecycle lifecycle, Callback callback) {
mLifecycle = lifecycle

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Lifecycle State

What is the rationale behind STARTED state when Activity is paused and CREATED state when activity is stopped?
Handling Lifecycles
Handling Lifecycles

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