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John Bond

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John Bond

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Just a bit of interesting history about Linux...
As of 2005, this was still the most successful IPO of all time.

VA Linux Systems , which sells computers tailored to a popular free operating system, registered a 698% price pop, the biggest first-day gain ever for an initial public stock offering in the U.S. The previous record was the 606% opening-day surge by theglobe.comin November 1998. Offered at $30 a share, VA Linux exploded to end the day at a 4 p.m. price of $239.25.
It was the first time an IPO has ever finished the regular session at above $200 a share on the Nasdaq Stock Market. It meant that in an instant, the stock of the Sunnyvale, Calif., company went from small-capitalization territory to large -- $9.5 billion, or more than half that of Apple Computer .
VA Linux Systems registered a 698% price pop, the biggest first-day gain ever for an initial public stock offering in the U.S. The previous record was the 606% opening-day surge by in November 1998.
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John Bond

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Woman gets battered by Trump campaign official, enough to have bruises...the liberal media doesn't care?

Er...right. Tell me again my paranoia about the media vis a vis Trump is wrong. 
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John Bond

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Anyone remember this?  :)  Share your stories or screenshots that you may have of the chat room, whether it be via Yahoo or zinc or Curphoo, or how ever you were able to get in there.  I remember it was always packed and you had to usually use application like zinc to be able to get in since yahoo capped the number of people who could get in via Yahoo's door.
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John Bond

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So why dont we all post what our screen names used to be when Yahoo had their LFS:1 chat room available back when?

I was Gawth Slacker.  (gawth_slacker, gawth.slacker, gawthslacker)

I was a noob back then but had alot of help learning Slackware while I was hanging out in LFS:1.  Was having marital issues during that time as well, so that chat room was a very nice escape curing those years.
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darkmo0d in the days of Hiro Protagonist and curfloo, edge-op and the link cannon. scrapmetaldevil and some other handles I've forgotten over the years.
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John Bond

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Regardless of one’s point of view about today’s technology and in particular the internet, one thing is certain, nothing is ever actually gone or erased! Even when it’s banned by Obama himself, someone, somewhere …
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John Bond

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Sorry, Brucy.  I can no longer be one of your fans as this is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.

Before we know it, the liberal left will eventually shoot for our rights to refuse to have sex with someone who wants to have sex with us and if we dont, it will be discrimination. 

Right now, they are saying that little girls who need to use a public restroom will have to use a restroom that allows grown men in dress to use the stall right next to theirs.  Sorry, but I am totally against that.

: having been corrupted or distorted from its original course, meaning, or state.

This is the state our society is going.
“It's like when a kid gets upset and says he's going to take his ball and go home,” Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) said.
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Bruce. .. if you wanted a night off just say so. .. no need to bullshit us. ...
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John Bond

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LXPup (Puppy Linux) based Simplicity Linux 16.01 is out! The project celebrates 7 years of existance with free penguin USB keys preinstalled with the OS. Hurry up if you want one!
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Thanks this one eluded me.
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I am a Quality Engineer.
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Hamilton, Ohio
I am not a liberal. It is what it is, dont candy coat it with unicorn poop and fairy dust.
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, since 1994.

in Latin: Ecclesia Iesu Christi Sanctorum hoc hodie,

in Greek: η εκκλησία του Ιησού Χριστού των Αγίων των Τελευταίων Ημερών, 

in Hebrew: כנסיית ישו הנוצרי של קדושי אחרית הימים.

 Although Mormons are Christian.  I tend to think of Mormonism is to "Christianity" as "Christianity" is to Judaism.  Not all Jews followed the Messiah and not all Protestant or Catholic Christians will choose to follow Mormon Christianity.  But freedom of choice is one of our Heavenly Father's greatest gifts.  

Albeit, I am a very caring person, although in this world that is not such an attractive quality in a man to most these days. 

I believe that anyone can change but that it is up to each individual person to decide to change.  Every person is responsible for their own decisions and they just need to except that as it is a fact,  although, misinformation can cause someone to unknowingly make a decision that they would not have made if they had known the truth.  Always tell the truth.

I also believe that a person is only as good as the words that come out of their mouth.  What comes out of your mouth is a sign of who you really are on the inside.  If you lie, it is a direct reflection of your character and lowers the value one can put on your word.

Also, I love Linux.  Linux is an OS (operating system) as is Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X.  I have been using it for over 10 years now and am very pleased with it.  

I hope to one day design and create a version of Puppy Linux for the Church and submit it to Salt Lake City for approval in hopes that it will be made freely available to all members and none members as a safe way to browse the internet and study scriptures so as to come to know Jesus Christ a bit better.

Linux is free to download, install, hack, customize, but can not be sold as proprietary software.  It is by the people, for the people.  You can do anything you want so long as it doesn't break the law of the licensing agreement, which is no cost or revenue to you.  You can customize it in so many different ways. Your imagination is the limit.  This is not so with Windows.  You are only allowed to do with Windows that which Microsoft allows you to do and nothing more, as is the same with Macintosh and OS X.  Also, Linux is more stable and secure.  I don't know of more than two known viruses that are designed to seek out and molest Linux operating systems.  

Anyway...I am rambling.  If you are interesting in adding me to your circles, just do so.  I look forward to meeting you all here!  :) 
Bragging rights
I graduated high school in 1989. I joined the US Army in Aug. 1989 for Airborne Infantry Ranger. I graduated Jump School in Dec. of 1989 and dropped my Ranger slot to get married. The Rangers have the highest rate of divorce in the military and I wasn't getting married just to get divorced. I was stationed in Fr. Carson, Co. with the 4th ID. I drove an M113 armoured personnel carrier for 2 years and was very good at it. I then volunteered to fill a position that had no trained soldiers to fill as a Database Manager in the motor pool. I spent a year in that position during transition from the M113's to the new Bradly fighting vehicles and was the first company to successfully finish that transition. Once I ETS'ed from the service, I had many jobs until I settled down with Takumi Stamping, Inc. in 2004. I have also been married since1990 and have two wonderful children. All in all, I have been blessed well so far.
  • Central Texas College
    2 semester hrs of Database Management, 1992 - 1992
  • D. Russell Lee Vocational School
    Data Processing and Accounting, 1995 - 1995
  • Hamilton High School
    1986 - 1989
  • North Hardin High School
    1985 - 1986
  • Totem Middle School
    1983 - 1985
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Pizza was OK, but took as long to get attention at the counter for a drink. Place looked OK, though.
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Best experience I have every had at the dentist! I highly recommend!
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