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Blog Review: Break Dance - Freestyle
The blog of Break Dance - Freestyle by the author Pablo was made during the days 11-16 of June, 2008. It has three sections of information:  How breakdance came known in the world and how it help not have that much violence in the streets.  Features of the ...

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Funny Meme

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How to do the Top Rock and the Six Step Move

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Turn it Up!
Relax and put some music, Pump the day with your dramatic. Put it high, put it low, Get ready to blow with your grow. Get up and shake the boogie, With the humor that come up to you! Don't get upset because there is no partner, Just get the broom and sweep ...

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Let It Flow
 Break the ice inside of you,  when you get on the dance floor to show what you got  don't let the change go that you still have time. Move to the left Move to the right  Shake the body that you have that boom. Don't be scared to show that bamba that contai...

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How to do a windmill to backspin?
Windmill The windmill is a popular move in breakdance. The breaker will roll his torso continuously in a circular path on the floor, across the upper chest, shoulder, and back while twirling his legs in a V- shape through the air.   You will first start wit...

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Book Review of "Breakdance: Electric Boogie, Egyptian, Moonwalk" (1984)
Breakdance Electric Boogie, Egyptian, Moonwalk… DO IT! By: Bonnie Nadell and John Small The book is very interesting because it contains information about the three types of breakdance: Electric Boogie: Named that way because it looks like if current is goi...

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Never let your dreams go away (A short work of fiction)
Once  upon a  time, there  was a girl named Lucy, age 16, who grew up in two
different families. One was her dad's family and the other one her mom's; they
separated when she only had 8. Lucy was the only child that was from  their  own blood, and the other...

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Breakdance in News
The following news B-Boy Fed: Reaching & Empowering Local Teens Through Non-Traditional Dance  is about an organization called: B-Boy Federation. The organization has wanted to bring breakdancing back now in days and give local dancers an opportunity to dev...
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