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Stefanie Shea
Wife, professor, recovering-academic, musician, kind of broken with dysautonomia and POTS, politcally inclined, all things vintage, chocolate fiend
Wife, professor, recovering-academic, musician, kind of broken with dysautonomia and POTS, politcally inclined, all things vintage, chocolate fiend

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Invisible Illness Awareness and #MyVoiceMyBody
This week is Invisible Illness Awareness week and although technically this entire blog and everything I share on the Facebook page are related to invisible illness in some way, I wanted to write a specific post to celebrate the week. There are many issues ...

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Momentary Distraction
So much has happened since the last time I posted but I am still not doing well enough to type an update. I'm writing this on my phone. I've spent almost all of the last two months in bed on my BiPAP, recovering and trying to improve. I'm not there yet but ...

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Surviving the Worst
Well. I’m slowly climbing back from the worst rough
patch I’ve ever had, but I’m here. I’m writing. My arms work well enough to
type again. This is progress. From the last few posts, you can see that the last
few months have been one long rough patch, but i...

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The Week That Was, April 8th
I guess I didn’t manage to do any weekly updates in
March either so here’s hoping I can do a few in April at least. -I’m finally starting to feel a little better. I’m
climbing out of the longest rough patch I’ve ever had but I’m starting to be able
to do a ...

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Sponsored Post: "Why Salt Can Help Alleviate Symptoms of Dysautonomia"
Today's post is a partnership between Kind of Broken blog and the makers of SaltStick. This is my first sponsored posts and I decided to share this post with you because I have used their product every day for years now. I wouldn't have agreed to this partn...

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Climbing My Way Back
Hello out there. Sorry for the silence here on the
blog the last few weeks. I’m working my way back to the world and the blog.
It’s a slow climb but I’m making progress. A few weeks ago, I did something really really stupid . I’m keenly aware of my limitati...

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Dear Body: Please Forgive My Transgressions
It happened again. Just as I was starting to
recover—ready to grasp a bright spot—I make more mistakes and go back to
where I started. Stuck in this cycle of slight
improvement, push just a little too hard, then end up back at the beginning. Trying to recla...

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The Week that Was, January 8th
I'm considering trying to write some weekly or bi-weekly updates
on the blog to supplement the longer, topic-driven posts I usually write. I always
need a reason and purpose for doing anything here, especially to convince myself
that this is not an exercise...

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The Books of 2015
Once upon a time, in another time and space, I spent
much of my life reading and writing. As a grad student and an academic, I would
typically read 40-70 books a year and thousands of pages in articles and
critical work. As a professor, I would read books t...

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The Bright Spots of 2015
I’m starting  I’m starting to think about the tumultuous ride of 2015 and, more importantly, thinking about what I want 2016 to be. I will not look back on 2015 with much fondness. There were a few bright spots, but this was a very dark year filled with tre...
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