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League Of Legends Bot!! Check it out.

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Check out!!
League Of Legends Bot!! :)

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Google Chrome added pop-up warning to prevent users from Browser hijacking
GOOGLE, one of the most trusted brands continuously trying to keep its
products more robust and secure for keeping its users safe. Google honors vulnerability hunters under its Bug bounty program and not
only that, the company also offer a huge amount of ...

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Gameover Malware, variant of ZeuS Trojan uses Encryption to Bypass Detection
The year begins with the number of new variants of malware that were
discovered by various security researchers. The new variants are more
complex, sophisticated and mostly undetectable. Two years back in 2012, the FBI warned us about the ‘ GameOver ’

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Adobe issues Emergency Flash Player update to patch critical zero-day threat
Adobe is recommending that users update their Flash Players immediately. The company has published an emergency security bulletin today, that addresses vulnerabilities the Flash Player and released a
patch to fix a vulnerability which is currently being ex...

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98% of SSL enabled websites still using SHA-1 based weak Digital Certificates
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) had published a document on Jan 2011 that the SHA-1 algorithm will be risky and should be disallowed after year 2013, but it was recently noticed by Netcraft experts that website itself wer...

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British Intelligence Agency DDoSed Anonymous Chatrooms to disrupt communication
Since 2011, the collective hacking group, Anonymous and LulzSec were targeting both Government and law-enforcement websites
of U.S and UK, by their own DDoS attack tactics which they used to
communicate and plan on Chat rooms known as IRCs, but British

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Google adds its Chrome apps and extensions to Bug Bounty Program
Google's Vulnerability Reward Program which started in November 2010,
offers a hefty reward to the one who find a good vulnerability in its
products.  Now Google is getting a little more serious about the security of its Chrome Browser and has expanded i...

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Facebook domain hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
On the 10th Anniversary of Social networking website Facebook, the hacker group ' Syrian Electronic Army ' claimed that they managed to hack into the administrator account of the Facebook's Domain Registrar - MarkMonitor. The hacking group changed the Face...

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