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My cult just took the perk that allows their deity to appear in the real world on occasion. They are very excited to see what the god of mischief and chaos they worship will do now that it has the ability to directly interact with mortals. I imagine this as something along the lines of American Gods where there is a human manifestation and maybe a different more godly form that is only revealed when viewed in a deities realm or maybe some sort of cool device like ghost goggles or something. Has anyone had to do this in their campaign yet? I'm curious what other approaches to godly representation there could be.

Ran my first game of BiTD and am running session 2 tomorrow. My group of cultists decided to blackmail a low level government official by breaking into his home and stealing some incriminating evidence from his office. The engagement roll came up 2 and the party was ambushed. After offering a bribe to the guards to be let go(half the coin earned). The crew went about their thieving ways, eventually encountering a safe. After some poor rolls the safe was rendered un-openable until a "tinker" roll was made to create a device to blow the hinges and rip off the door(using a suction cup and I think batteries of some kind). I allowed this with a 4 section "safe" clock that was filled rather quickly with some solid rolling. I am having second thoughts on whether this should have been that easy or even allowed. More experienced blades players how would you have handled this? At the time it felt plausible but now it feels like building anything outside of a makeshift lockpick would need a long term clock, but maybe not.
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