Beyond the Rim

Crater Lake National Park, located high within the Cascade Mountains, provides visitors with knowledge and beauty the way her volcanic eruption produced lava 7700 years ago—steadily flowing with periodic bursts of insight and wonder. Her indigenous allure aroused deeper exploration, so I detoured off the grid and slowly trudged into the forested abyss. Just beyond the icy caldera rim, America’s deepest lake mirrored the prodigy of the night and created a liquid snapshot of man versus nature. #starrynights

I don’t know how I get so lucky… The weather turned perfect here in the Pacific Northwest right before the peak time for the Lyrids meteor shower. I’ve had my eye on Crater Lake for some time and was waiting for the opportunity when all the elements would fall into place. It was an intense snowshoe/hike to get to this location and it took me over 3 hours to hike 3 miles; poor planning on my arrival at 1pm when the snow was heavy and wet. After finding a clearing and setting up the tent a few miles past Discovery point, the clouds gave way and it was all falling into place. After the sun went down I started the time-lapse, but I didn’t see any meteors. By 1:30am I changed batteries and started shooting this panorama made of 9 images. During the sequence I saw a massive, bright light fall from the sky and actually heard a sound like a small jet flying by. This was one of the craziest, brightest meteors I’ve ever seen. No clue how I got so lucky.

More images are on the way!
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