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real estate property rent house home perth australia selling loan
real estate property rent house home perth australia selling loan

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Perths property market has changed. Over the last 12 - 18 months we have gone from having a buyers market with 18,000 - 19,000 homes available to purchase. Mid to late 2012, that number shrunk to 11,000 - 12,000 (which is considered a balanced market). We are now sitting a little above 9,000 which historically is considered a sellers market. The last 6 months through to now have shown good signs of the housing market recovery. Will it last? 

The marketplace back in the pre 2007 boom were incredible for vendors. Prices were climbing each week and with very low levels of stock on the market, it had no reason to slow down. This time round, the world is faced with much bigger challenges, USA is under extreme pressure to repair their damaged finances. Europe have had a lot of financial stress over the last 12 months. What if China slows down and our mining export here in WA slows down?

Talking about international issues when it came to the Perth real estate in the last time stock levels were low (pre 2007) was unheard of. It is looking good at the moment but only time will tell. 

The other thing to consider is who is it good for? People selling? Perhaps... but are you buying again? If so, are you upsizing? Downsizing? Moving to a more affluent area? Are you looking at buying? Everyone is in a different stage of life. Your circumstances will directly affect your timing to buy/sell/rent and stay where you are.

I'm always happy to assist if anyone needs help. If you know any family or friends that are looking to sell and need advice, please let me know.

What do you think will happen over the next 6 months in the market??

Dylan Halliday - 0403 563 018

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It pays to never disclose details over the phone or email unless you are certain of who you are dealing with. Be wary of private rental or sales unless you do your background checks. Tenants are now becoming victims of "false rental properties". 

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The RBA has cut rates to 3.25%, and Spring selling season is in full effect this year! 

Interest rates remain the same again today!

I have added a couple of links in the about section of this page. They are - current listings and success stories.

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Great article for property investors!

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It's a lot more positive at the moment than it was 18 months ago but you read one article and then you read another about the mining sector slowing... Which way to you predict? Property growth, stability or market softening?
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