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A one-click solution online portal where with one click people can do their daily things, and get rewarded for that, is what ByXpress is.

It is on a revolutionary concept which combines, under one roof, all the leading online trends, that ByXpress is based. It is the very first platform ever that unites in one place online tools, advertising trends, and mobile innovations.

It is on higher-ranked community members and mentors, that our customers at ByXpress rely on. On a monthly basis, we organize professional events. Our members are thus allowed to meet with experts in business, who can then be of great assistance to you in defining the goals of your business, and then, properly arranging the work to meet them.

Future for the brave, is what ByXpress means.

A platform where everyone benefits is our goal. In less than 3 years time, our vision is to reach over 100 million users.

In most countries around Europe, we are already officially working, and at the same time on the Asian market, we are launching our business. Under the ByXpress brand, businesses operating are located in Hong Kong, Istanbul, Nicosia, Gibraltar, and London.

From across Europe, represented in our ByXpress team are 10 different nations.

We truly believe in this company, and are extremely passionate about what we do. But, we believe in our community most of all.

We where brought to where we now are by our unique expertise, and it aided us in creating the products you use every day, and delivering them to you.

Customer experience, and customer interface as a part of it, is the main thing in business today. Therefore, it is really for the platforms that today's battle is.

Performing our daily tasks better is greatly helped today by companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. It's almost hard to imagine our lives without them and the effective digital tools they provide to us. These companies are growing in value day after day, and their platforms really do control our activities.

Today, just what are the trends? Advertising. Mobile. Online. What we do is in one website combine all of those, here at ByXpress.

Available in one place, is everything you normally do. And all of this with just one click. For this company, that is our whole idea.

Whether you want to chat with your friends, get distracted with a game online, watch the latest movie, book a flight, or buy a jacket, in one place now you can do all of that.

Featured in AdBlaster is online advertising, one of the leading trends. This tool provides what is needed for analysis and tracking of advertising campaigns, while also connecting publishers and advertisers. And because we embrace mobile networks as well, you can advertise on mobile.

Referral Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing, or referral marketing, is one of the least expensive business promotion tools, and one of the most effective ones as well. The fact that you target not just a group of people, but a group and their social networks, bringing you a steady growth in sales and hundreds of new clients, is what it's sustainability is based on.

Referral marketing basically happens when your business is recommended by one of your clients to someone that they know, and then your product or service is used by that person. Refer-a-friend is one of referral marketing's most popular forms today. It's based on the idea that for referring friends to your business, current clients are rewarded.

A number of advantages are offered to subscribers by ByXpress's Refer Your Friends program. Our community members can and will grow through our unique system of bonuses.
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