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I'm thinking I should start a journal. I have to many thoughts and feeling I'll never get to share with you , Rick, and it isn't fair. So many dumb, day to day things, important things, things about Sammi. I miss you and love you. You were the only person I'd ever loved without reservation and with every part of my soul. I still can't believe you are gone. 

I should use this once in a while. ;)

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Archery lessons for the monkey!

Day 1 down. Has a great time!! 

Ah flannel sheets, how I adore thee! 

Work hates me and is making me too busy to allow me to mess around and write. bleh to it.

My husband just called me 'wordy.' I'd be offended if it wasn't actually true. 

Ugh. Remind me to not post things when I'm tired and have a headache. I sound like an idiot. 
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