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John Hancock
I know Gold.
I know Gold.


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We created Silver Bay Coin & Bullion, Inc. to serve as a source where #investors could diversify their portfolios out of ever depreciating paper dollars and into solid #gold, #silver, #platinum and palladium coins and bars.

We are highly active in buying and selling most precious metals including bars and coins. We carry many U.S. Mint bullion products including gold, silver and platinum American Eagles. We also offer a variety of other gold, silver and platinum coins including Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrands, Austrian Philharmonics, and the Australian Kangaroos and Nuggets.

We look forward to seeing you! We are available via telephone or walk-in Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Friday/Saturday 9:00am to 4:00 pm EST.

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Are shiny coins worth more? How to I clean them?
#NEVER #clean or polish #coins. Collectors like originality over shiny.

I have a coin so rare it is not in any book. How do I find a value?
Please bring it in. With our own extensive library and contacts we should be able to find it!

How much are steel war pennies worth?
Over 1 billion war pennies were minted. Common circulated war pennies are worth approx 3-5 cents.

What are some common conversions for a troy ounce?

All precious metals are weighed in "troy". Some common conversions are:

1 regular oz = 28 grams
1 troy oz = 31.10 grams
1 pennyweight (DWT) = 24 grams
1 regular pound = 16 reg. oz
1 troy pound = 12 troy oz

Find more answers to questions on our website.

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#Gold: The only true value of everything for over 5000 years. Countries and governments come and go......currencies such as Marks, Francs, Drachmas, are all the same--they lie on the trash heap of history. J.P. Morgan said it best...."Only gold is money...nothing else."

We offer and purchase many types of gold #coin & #bullion including U.S. American Eagles from 1/10 oz thru 1 oz, U.S. gold Buffalos, Canadian Maple Leafs, S. African Krugerrands, Austrian Philharmonics and many others.

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There are many reasons that make investing in #silver a unique strategy. First, unlike gold which is used sparingly as a consumable, silver is widely used in almost every industry, in everything from plasma TVs and displays, to batteries and almost anything else you can imagine.

While many banks hold gold as a #reserve asset, there are very few stockpiles of silver, and the world supply is running ever shorter. 

We offer and purchase many types of silver coin and #bullion including: Canadian Maple Leafs, American Eagles, Austrian Philharmonics, U.S. 90% silver coin (dimes, quarters, halves), silver dollars, 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz and 100 oz silver bars.

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Did you know that #Platinum (Pt) is 20 times rarer than #gold? That it is denser than gold? That there are no known deposits of Palladium (Pd)? All #Palladium is a by-product of Platinum mining.

Platinum and Palladium are heavily used in many industries. Every automobile has platinum and palladium in the catalytic converter. Platinum is used to make many items from wind shields to fertilizer.

We offer and purchase several forms of Platinum and Palladium coin and bullion including American Platinum Eagles, Canadian Maples, Island of Man Nobles and top names in 1 oz thru 1 kilo bars.

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AHHH....the pure joy of #coin #collecting. Be it type #coins from the 1700-1800s or finding state quarters out of change, this has been the hobby of the ages. It is not about the amount spent, but the joy of the seeking--and finding! I looked for over 25 years before finding an item, and when I found it, I wasn't shy about "stepping up to the plate" to get it! We pride ourselves on offering, not expensive coins, but coins of excellent value that you will be proud to own!
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