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#1 place for rugs

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find different types of carpets or #handmaderugs at very good price.

Kum Kapi Rug :
Literally “Sand Gate”, these Turkish silk rugs were woven for a short time in the 1920’s by Armenian weavers working in Istanbul.
With silk pile and foundation,knot counts run up to 1000 per square inch. The pile is clipped extremely short and details are often brocaded in gold or silver metal bread. Prayer formats are the most common: the “Sultan’s Head” with a curvy pinched arch is almost frequently encountered. Very few Kum Kapi are in larger sizes and 8’x 10’ seems to be about an upper limit. Almost all are small, under 4’x 6’ and are intended to be hung rather than placed underfoot.
Many rugs were signed by the master weavers leading the workshop. The most active was Zareh Penyamin.
The modern rugs of Hereke carry on this tradition, although in softer, nearly pastel, color schemes. These are extremely fine, but these rugs are not signed, however, and the workshops are anonymous.
Kum-Kapi and Hereke silks have always been extremely valuable and the best antiques Kum Kapi rugs when signed and in perfect condition have fetched over $100000.00 at auction. Because of the value attached to materials and techniques, these rugs never show wear and tear, and are as crisp as the day they were made.

image #BijarRugs The antique Persian carpets of the town of Bijar and surrounding villages in the Northeast of the country are justly famous for their wearability and long life. Along with Kermans, they are the only Persian weaves consistently triple wilted. The strongly compressed central weft gives a stiff, almost board-like character to the carpets. The pile wool is extremely dense and compacted in the weaving process. Kurdish flocks supply an excellent, elastic pile yarn. The dyes are natural with a particularly well dyed dark blue from indigo. The resulting fabric never wears out. The functional life of a Good Bijar carpet may be 200 years or even longer. Traditional patterns are allover: The Mustafi of tightly curled arabesques. The Garrus split arabesques, the classic Herati and Harshang. There are medallion and corner on plain fields as well. There are no pictorial or figural carpets. But the weavers insert animals or human forms in the corners of medallion carpets. The only western influence seems to carry on the lion and trellis rugs, adapted from a Spanish silk textile. Bijar production extends to the local small towns and villages. Where runners, long rugs and scatters in more rustic and informal designs are made. Here are found antique hand woven- rugs in the Minakhani Herati and un named named floral designs. These rugs show the same structure but are somewhat lighter in handle. The Halvahi Bijar is a particularly fine and thin carpet, quite flexible, Almost exclusively in scatter sizes. These rugs are particularly prized in Iran and only rarely come to the rug market. They are always in good condition, made from the finest wool and excellently dyed.

There are all sorts of floor rugs or #carpets for sale today. Many of us find it easy to use these pieces to add comfort and warmth to our homes or 3livingroom. Besides the practical reasons, these floor pieces are also in demand for more aesthetic reasons. One particular type that has received quite a high demand is #Oushakrugs for sale. These particular pieces are actually #Turkishcarpets!

Internet shopping is becoming more and more plausible. Buying many items on the internet has become something even your grandparents do. One of the things to consider when buying #handmaderugs or carpets that are for sale is that you cannot just walk into the shop and see the item to make sure it is okay. So there are a few things to consider before buying rugs for your home online.

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Being a best #Carpets or handmade #rugs store, IMage Carpets offers best quality handmade rugs for sale with variety of colors!
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