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Google Events Scheduling Service | #HangoutsOnAir #HIRL #CIRL
Google Events Scheduling Service | #HangoutsOnAir #HIRL #CIRL

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The Unofficial Google+ Film Festival is an interactive, international, online short film festival featuring some of the best short films and web series out there.
To be notified of the most accurate information for the festival visit:

This years festival includes
1. Great short films w/ live interactive Q&A sessions w/ the filmmakers.
2. Interactive film panels.
3. An interactive marketplace.
4. A public film festival lounge where anyone can interact with anyone attending.
5. Free live showings in both Los Angeles, CA and Asheville, NC.

See our complete schedule of events here. or add the complete event to your iCal

By using some of the tools of Google+ like Hangouts On Air, as well as the easy of the internet, we are able to bring the film festival experience to your living room or computer.  You will be able to interact directly with the filmmakers and participate as if you were actually sitting in a theater.

Join us for many of our exciting events between Fri. Nov. 30 - Sun. Dec. 2, 2012 for our second annual film festival.  This event is FREE to anyone who wants to attend.

Please share this event and help make this one of the most exciting events on Google+ (and beyond).

Thank you,
+Adam J. Cohen 

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The fourth episode of The Cosmic Ray Show will air on November 27th, 2012 at 7:00 PM Pacific!

Our guest is +Dave Reneke from Astro Dave: Space and Astronomy News.

Join us as we discuss the recent solar eclipse, and the wonderful astronomical sights of the southern hemisphere.

Our musical guest will be +Ryan Van Sickle , who will be performing “When We Were Young”

We'll also have a new "This Month in Space" segment with +Amy Shira Teitel  

Follow our show on twitter (@cosmicraytv) for more information, and to submit questions for Dave, Jerry and Ray during the show with the hashtag #cosmicraytv

Shown above is the archive video for our last episode with +Fraser Cain  from +Universe Today   

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+Generic Girl comedy series follows Gillian Romero, a closet comic book geek, and her roommate Pete Kirby, aka Captain Freelance, as they battle villains, bureaucracies, and one mysterious machine.

Join creators +Victor Solis and +Steven Wasserman and the show's actors to chat about the making of their low-budget Live Action Comic and hear saucy stories from behind-the-scenes!

We filmed the show in Torrance, CA for a super-shoestring budget under a SAG New Media agreement with actors from the Los Angeles region.  Influenced by the silver age comic universe created by Jack Kirby and other comic icons plus classic TV shows like the original Adam West 'Batman,' we designed a world informed by comic conventions, tropes, and cartoon physics.

Haven't caught up with the previous nine episodes? Never fear, binge on the entire series before the finale on our channel:

If you cannot attend, you can watch the recording of our Hangout later on Wed. evening.  :)

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Webmaster Central and Web Search Top Contributors are getting together for weekly Helpdesk Hangouts (On Air) every Friday at 12 Noon Mountain Time - 7PM BST. 

We'll be there to answer your website and web search related questions. Meanwhile, if there's anything you'd like us to cover specifically, feel free to leave a message below.

Next Hangout: Friday, Oct 26th at 11:00 PM MDT - 6:00 PM GMT for 60 min.

For worldwide times,

Watch/Request an Invite here: 
(Note that you will have to be a follower of the Helpdesk Hangout Page in order to get an invite, since G+ Brand Pages/Hangouts on Air are treated differently from ordinary accounts.)

Register your questions ahead of time here:

We're also planning a series of Hangout workshops covering various aspects of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

To make sure we make these workshops as relevant as possible we need your input, so please visit the Workshop Moderator page and let us know your questions about Google Analytics and the Webmaster Tools system:

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"In The Spotlight!" is the new Hangouts On Air interview series from +Artists In The Plus bringing you closer than ever before to your favorite Artists. This new series will introduce you not only to the Artist's work, but their journey in the music industry, and their lives outside of music. On Wednesday October 24th we talk to +Deni Gauthier!  Join us as we discuss his journey in the music industry, and learn more about Deni!     

The On Air Event can be viewed here on the Event page or on YouTube at also. Future Shows

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Join or watch this Buzz Rally from the comfort of your own home.

Some of the guests speakers at the event will join the hangout such as Glenn Beck, Rick Perry, Dick Cheney, and more!

If you want in go to the +BestBuzz event stream and place a comment asking to join.

#politics   #mittromney   #mittromney2012   #cantafford4more   #romneyryan2012   #election2012  
Are you ready to mix and mingle with some North Texas Republicans?

Koenig Technologies host the Official event to raise funding to aide America’s Comeback Team, Romney & Ryan and you are invited to join or watch.  You will have the opportunity to speak with some of the notable guest speakers from the event just after they finish giving their speeches.

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Join us for the Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Buzz Rally this Wednesday.

Some of the guests speakers will be Glen Beck and George Bush.

Leave a comment below or on the event stream if you would like an invite.

Powered By +BestBuzz 

#romney   #romneyryan2012   #romney2012   #mittromney   #mittromney2012  
Are you ready to mix and mingle with some North Texas Republicans?

Koenig Technologies host the Official event to raise funding to aide America’s Comeback Team, Romney & Ryan and you are invited to join or watch.  You will have the opportunity to speak with some of the notable guest speakers from the event just after they finish giving their speeches.

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Live Universe Show  Please Reshare!

Everyone is welcome to our FREE public shows at!

Join Slooh's +Paul Cox for another action-packed show of full-color live astronomy.  We'll be looking at the most popular objects from last night's 11hr Celestial Marathon broadcast (yes, Coxy can still speak!). Coxy will also be announcing the winners of the Astronomy Day competitions - including his schools classroom sponsorships!  Email:

Sunday Oct 21st: 6:30PM PDT ¦ 9:30PM EDT ¦ 01:30UTC
International times here:

You always know that the +Slooh Space Camera images are live and in full color!

Did you know? .... If you have a Pinterest account, you can pin any of the show's live images straight to your pinboard!

#hangoutsonair   #hangouts   #astronomy   #astronomyday   #astrophotography   #sciencesunday   #scienceeveryday   #scienceonsunday  +ScienceOnline +Robby Bowles +Allison Sekuler +Rajini Rao +Chad Haney +Universe Today +Science on Google+: A Public Database +Google Live Events +Noel Gorelick +National Geographic +Discovery Channel +Teaching Science and Math +TEACHERS' AND STUDENTS' SCIENCE CLUB 

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A fantastic, one-of-a-kind celestial happening will occur on Tuesday, October 23rd as Comet 168P/Hergenrother and Comet C/2012 J1 (Catalina) will pass each other in space like ships in the night - but only during a very narrow viewing window.   Slooh Space Camera will provide live coverage of this spectacular event on Tuesday, October 23rd live on, free to the public starting at 2PM PDT / 5PM EDT / 21:00 UTC - accompanied by real-time discussions with Slooh President, Patrick Paolucci, Slooh Outreach Coordinator, Paul Cox, and Astronomy Magazine columnist, Bob Berman. Viewers can watch live on their PC or IOS/Android mobile device.  

Slooh was first alerted to this unusual event by long-time Slooh member, Maynard Pittendreigh, as he and other members have been tracking both comets.  The comets will appear close in the sky to fall within the reach of a single field-of-view of Slooh's robotic telescopes.  The pair will have an apparent separation of 43.5-arcminutes, as shown in this sky chart:

Comet 168P/Hergenrother has been through a number of "outbursts" over the last 6-weeks.  Each of these unexpected increases in brightness has been witnessed and actively imaged by Slooh members.  The outbursts could be a sign that the comet nucleus is starting to break apart, which is why the comet is being observed every night by Slooh members.

Comet C/2012 J1 (Catalina) has been a superb contrast to Hergenrother; exhibiting a far more stable and expected increase in brightness as it orbits the Sun.  Both comets have shown relatively bright comas and small tails.
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