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Gamer, editor of games, and all-around geek.
Gamer, editor of games, and all-around geek.

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Just looked at the list of freelance projects I've worked on over the past year and a half... and then the projects I currently have scheduled/in progress. It made me cry a little, part from joy and part from exhaustion.

That said, I am taking no new freelance work at this time, unless work on it doesn't start until at least October. <3 you all.

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So this is where I'll be in a few months.
Convolution is excited to announce our 2015 Guest of Honor Brianna Wu! Brianna Wu is the co-founder and head of development at Giant Spacekat, an independent video game development studio that created the successful mobile platform game Revolution 60, which stars an all-female cast of protagonists. Wu is also a key voice for equality in gaming, fandom, and the right for everyone to be a fan without fear of reprisal. She has recently been nominated for Gamer of the Year by the 2015 Shorty Awards, which celebrates the best of social media. (photo credit: Joanne Rathe/Boston Globe)

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23 hours to go. GO GET YOU SOME!

Posted this on that other social network in response to what I look for in a LARP ST:

A good ST helps the players use the mechanics to support in-game actions in such a manner that leave both parties happy. The mechanics are not just a code of violence or a bludgeon or the cow-catcher on the plot train; they can inform a particular style of play. Game design is mind control, after all, and if you want a good example of that, allow me to point to the Derangement rules in the MET: VtM rules by By Night Studios. A good ST understands that, and helps the players understand that too.

A great ST not only does the above, but also provides captivating, OPT-IN setting pieces and plot hooks for their players to interact with. LARPers are pretty damn good at creating some of their own personal plot based on interactions with other PCs, thus making their own fun. A great ST drops shinies along the way to add to that dynamic atmosphere, but ultimately, the PCs have the most agency in the setting.

A great ST is also not afraid to kill their darlings if they don't resonate with the players. If a plot hook gets no response from the playerbase, they chuck it; they don't grow it in the background until the PCs have no choice but to deal with it and are poorly equipped to do so. (This is a pet peeve of mine.)

Most importantly, the best STs ever do all of the above and CHECK IN with their players to make sure everyone is having fun. They comb backstories for personal plot hooks and craft stories that bring those backstories to live. If the player wants it, the best STs ever make the characters in their care ache and opine, but make the players say "OMG I feel so bad for my character, but that scene was amazing. Can we do that some more, please?"

I look for good STs, because I know being the best ST ever is a lot of hard work. I've been blessed with some phenomenal STs in the past, though, so I know I'm not (always) asking for too much.

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Less than 24 hours to go. Let's bring this home.

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Okay. 68 hours to go. If you haven't backed this yet, NOW IS THE TIME. Pay bump for the whole creative team at $250K. That's about $20K from where we are now.

We can do this.
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