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Lene Andersen
Author, Advocate, Photographer
Author, Advocate, Photographer

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Tips on how to cope with nausea related to chronic illness. My new post for +HealthCentral

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Dealing with Nausea in Chronic Illness
I have battled nausea for as long as I've had RA, so why not write what you know? My new post for HealthCentral looks at how to cope with nausea related to chronic illness : "Nausea is a particularly nasty symptom. Your stomach’s on a
rollercoaster and you...

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Relationships and Talking about Pain Study
How do you talk to your partner about your pain? Or don't you talk about it? A new study investigates the reasons why people talk or don't talk about their pain. One of the co-investigators talks about the background for the study and how you can participat...

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Do you tell your partner about your pain or do you hide it? Learn more about an important new study investigating the goals of pain communication currently accepting participants.

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Photo Friday: Steam

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Fantastic tips from Rick Phillips

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My story and tips for finding love with #RA

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Photo Friday: Ironic
Earlier this week, the Fat Mum Slim February photo challenge included the
prompt faceless portrait . This was my submission, taken on a cold Toronto day
in the financial district.

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Am I Single Because I Have a Chronic Illness?
It's something almost every single person who lives with chronic illnesses wondered: am I single because of my condition ? The answer in my new post for HealthCentral: "When you’re single in what seems to be a sea of happy couples it’s
all too easy to look...

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Are you single because you have a #chronicillness? The answer in my new post for +HealthCentral

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