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It's all coming together
Since the last time I posted, I've ordered an ICOM IC-7100, with an upgraded HM-151 mic, Nifty Mini-manual, OPC-589 modular to 8 pin mic adapter, and a 16 GB memory card.  As well as RT Systems programming software.  The radio was practically new, and even ...

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Full Wave Loop Experiment
Well Saturday was a radio experimentation day.  I decided I'd try my hand at building a Full Wave Loop in my back yard.  I decided to go for a 40'  loop, which works out to around 144 feet of wire.  Took a trip to Menard's in the morning and picked up a ree...

Post has attachment - OGRES - Still Hurting
Hey everyone!  Or considering no one has commented, I'm more than likely talking to myself at this point, but hey it's supposed to be cathartic to get your thoughts out there right?  It's been another week or so, and I figured it was time to post.  I suppos...

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Laid up
Well it's been a busy week so far.  After passing my General Class exam last weekend, I've only made one contact on the 20m band, and that was with W1AW/07.  I think my major hold up on getting contacts is my antenna.  I'm currently using a hand built 10m d...

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ok, here we are, Brandon (kd8vdx), David, and I. Just 30 minutes from taking our Amateur radio exams. Brandon and I are going for our General Class license and David for his Technician. After a solid breakfast at Granma's restaurant, and some great conversa...

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Propagation can be interesting!
This weekend was definitely interesting, when talking about HF radio signal propagation.  Of course, I'm sure some of the ol'timers out there wouldn't think twice about what I experienced, but that's what is neat about Ham Radio, when you are new at it, eve...

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Frustration is setting in...
Ham radio is all about exploration and discovery.  But, I think the old hands have stayed away from new technology long enough.  We need to look at how to bring amateur radio into the new century.  There is a huge lack of support in the ham radio industry. ...

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10m Contest
Wow, so this past weekend the airwaves were absolutely packed with "CQ Contest, CQ Contest," and I have to say I enjoyed my first time contesting.  I made contact with 17 different countries, as far away as Brazil and Ukraine.  The thrill of answering a CQ ...
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