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Rob guruvan Nelson
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Rob guruvan Nelson

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Woohoo. Deactivated my Facebook account. I don't use this much either. Find me at (but,seriously, not several thousands of you. I'm not posting much publicly, so there's nothing to follow. Only connection to make if you'd like to talk (directly) with me. Thanks!


Rob guruvan Nelson

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I haven't posted much to Google+ but I sure get new followers. Isn't there a way to turn those notifications off yet? I care about new G+ followers even less than I do twitter followers.
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I can see where you are coming from, as I walk through cyberspacey. I take the time to weed out the junk. and the people that are coming are better. there's a lot of things that I do not like. and I let them know how I feel. so now most of the things I receive, are from people that are real. and some of them I may have to sit straight. but before you go I wanted to let you know. I understand how you feel, I wish you luck in your walk about. and definitely keep it real.
have a beautiful day
LOVE U( my brother)CC
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Rob guruvan Nelson

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Back on Google+ (with serious misgivings) - My reply to The G after reinstatement:
I think that you people need to handle this better.

1. There was no way to determine my profile was suspended by just logging into Google+ - only the profile page showed this

2. Do you guys not have GMail?! It's really nice. You should try INFORMING people their profiles have been suspended. (am I really saying this?)

3. Did you ever think to just ASK before suspending profiles? I mean, if all it too was removing some punctuation, why upset me, get me to raise a stink on other social networks, and so on? Wouldn't it have been easier to give me a deadline to comply and then suspend?

4. How did your actions build the trust relationship that I MUST HAVE with companies that provide my mission critical communications services, both personal and social?

5. I would like to see a response that includes a clearly defined process that you use to determine offending accounts, inform them of non compliance, give them time to comply, provide a more flexible appeal process, and inform of suspension.

6. I think you must find a away to allow pseudonym use. Without it you cannot support the type of citizen journalism we saw in the Green Revolution in Iran. I would to post under pseudonym to certain circles, and my "real name" in others.

7. These things need to get fixed faster than typical things seem to at Google. We waited for fixes for Buzz, and saw endless delay without real communication from you. We get the secrecy if product road maps, but not knowing when to expect (attempts at) fixes for functional requirements isn't really something I can sell to enterprise clients. This holds Google back massively.
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Yes they do need to pay attention. They need to figure out that they've gone down the wrong path and change it before they alienate too many people. I'm definitely less of a gung-ho fanboi than I was a couple weeks ago. I'm a huge fan of the platform, but not a huge fan of how it's being run at the moment. The latter is the more important to me, and the more deciding factor in how much I make use of any social network. So far, as a social network provider, Google has been ranking somewhere in between early-Twitter (broken and not usable, like Buzz) and Facebook (run by people I simply don't trust)
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Rob guruvan Nelson

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Legitimate people get suspended & deleted, but I get added by "htc evo" and "pin up bot"

The only thibg I will use Google+ for is to make observations about their ludicrous, and damaging name policy. It is no fun to share as my friends disappear.

Feel free to join me on Facebook or Twitter
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Rob guruvan Nelson

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I'm generally discontinuing my use of Google+ until this is resolved. I am not happy. I would like to suspend my own profile.

Google VP: Why Google+ requires real names | News - Digital Media - CNET News

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LOL! I believe +Jason Bayton said that in jest +Christopher Welle I'm not offended in the least.

And, no, I'm not being a girl. I think this is a catostrophic stance for Google to take.

I have further reconsidered my opinion. It is unfortunate that they have a real name policy. That in and of itself will *completely prevent Google+ from being used as Twitter has been in times of Political Emergency such as the uprisings in both Iran and Egypt.

even real names w/ pseudonyms kills that.

People need to use the names they prefer. I have a lot of friends who have changed their names, not only online, but in real life. Shall I ban them from my town?
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Rob guruvan Nelson

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One of the reasons I've preferred DD-WRT to Linksys firmware: No easy way to reboot a WRT54G remotely from the web interface.

But my Google-fu is well honed today!

(also, really? I still can't add a link and a photo to a single post? - maybe it's more difficult than I think, but couldn't this work somehow?)
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Nope. You can't. Still Yet.
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Rob guruvan Nelson

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Chang Kim originally shared:
I'm a product manager who's doing Blogger and is part of Google's larger social product area (aka Google+). If you're a Google+ user, what features do you want more in terms of (blog-like) publishing? Is Google+ as it's now enough for you to use as a blog? If not, what's the delta? What features will tip you and make you publish "blog" entirely on G+? Just thinking out loud, and interested in hearing some crowd wisdom. Please reshare and encourage commenting on the original thread!
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Rob guruvan Nelson

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Yes, Googl e, You are going to have to make some changes with how you deal with people - you're used to dealing with sites and bots and spam generators but now you're dealing with real-life human beings, and those require actual communication - There is no excuse for Google not using communication tools that Google has built to communicate with the users of Google+
Kathi F originally shared:

Every time I log in here I find that yet another Google staffer or defender has issued yet another iteration of this: "Of COURSE Google doesn't disable your other services just because there's a problem with your profile name!"

By now the party line seems to be that the above-mentioned notion is a "myth." Most conspicuously to my knowledge, that claim was made by +Bradley Horowitz in a post last night (linked below) that was quickly reported by ZDNet ( ).

Well, as I titled my comment on the ZDNet blog… not quite. And I'd like to iterate that one time for the record here on my little G+ page.

As only those not-so-lucky faithful who were affected are likely to remember, +Michael Hermeston posted a week ago today: "Starting today, users will no longer need to go through SMS verification when their profile name is under review." ( ) Thanks, Michael—far as I know, you're the only Googler who's admitted that it was happening.

Great that y'all stopped subjecting people to that SMS verification thing, Google. Because, you know, when you can't log in, you can't use Gmail. Or anything else Google. That's what happened to me early on the Saturday before Michael posted his update.

Now someone could quibble and say I wasn't really shut down because once I got the verification code and logged in, my Gmail, Reader, Calendar, etc. were in business-as-usual condition; only G+ was disabled. But the bottom line is I had to pay to regain access in the form of information I didn't really want to give up.

And that was three days later. Because the sorry-you-aren't-allowed-in-here page I got said I was locked out due to "suspicious activity." I read up on that and decided maybe my account would revert to normal if I left it alone until the work week got under way. I thought perhaps the problem was that I'd been logged in on two different devices for too many hours. Or because the last person I gave a G+ invitation to turned out to be underage. Or because someone was guessing at my password, trying to hack my Gmail. And on and on. Sure, I also wondered if it had something to do with my profile name being the decidedly nonstandard "Kathi d/b/a fuzzyscorpio." But that certainly didn't seem to fit under the heading of "suspicious activity." As far as I can tell or anyone has informed me, though, the name was the problem, and the ONLY problem, triggering the lockout.

As some may recall, the insult added to injury when I did log in was finding myself in the circles of exactly six other users. I had been in the circles of almost 700. That damage, which Michael Hermeston, in a comment on my July 19 post, said "appears to be a legitimate bug," fortunately was repaired somehow.

Although I do appreciate the attention paid to my little train wreck and I hate to keep complaining, I have to say that the "myth" language is hard to take, because it makes me look like (a) a liar, (b) a nutcase or (c) someone trying to throw a smokescreen over TOS violations in another Google service.

Of course I am a mere insignificant speck on the Jumbotron that is Googledom, but I'm beginning to feel like this very early adopter of Gmail, iGoogle and Buzz was thrown under the bus, snatched out of there just in time—and then thrown under it again.

If I may be excused for mixing in another metaphor… come on, Google, would it really kill you guys to admit that you WERE using a bazooka to kill mice in the early days of the crackdown?

Well, thanks anyway for letting me get that off my chest. I'll try to go forth and be merry now. :)
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U already looked bad
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Rob guruvan Nelson

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I have returned. I am no longer suspended for having "(guruvan)" in my name. I have compromised and moved it to my middle name.
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2 comments My reply after I took the "()" out of my name and received

"Thank you for contacting us with regard to the name you want to use with
your Google Profile. After further review, we have determined that your
name is within our Community Standards policy. Thank you for your patience
while we reviewed your profile name."
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Rob guruvan Nelson

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I'm generally discontinuing my use of Google+ until this is resolved. I am not happy. I would like to suspend my own profile.

Google VP: Why Google+ requires real names | News - Digital Media - CNET News

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I think Google is suffering from what numerous technology companies have suffered from in the past... They already reached their pinnacle, and there is nowhere to go but down. They keep throwing things out there in a vain attempt to recapture "market share", but Google is past its prime and is crumbling under its own weight.

Google's search engine was once the most incredible thing ever. Somehow over the last year or two, it has become largely useless. Its getting harder and harder, virtually impossible sometimes, to wade through the search engine optimized crap that overshadows the real information. Searches reveal endless pages of ads and sites that show information about showing information.... they almost never seem to bring up what I'm actually searching for anymore.

Never really saw the point of Buzz. Buzz was a pathetic attempt to and Google+ is a blatant attempt to recreate Facebook, who has already clearly established dominance in the "friend feed frenzy". Not that I'm a particular fan of Facebook - I think its a despicable organization and it's leader is a despicable person - but why would you try to directly compete with a company that has half a billion content users?

Trying to play a game of catch-up is a futile effort. It tells me that they're desperate to have the Next Big Thing, but they just don't have a clue what, so they're trying to steal someone else's thunder. Dear god, they're acting like Microsoft. Improve your products, come up with NEW ideas, or buy out companies that have something new to offer to the Google experience.
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Rob guruvan Nelson

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Yelp down for some minutes now. :(
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LOL. Several minutes went by and I finally got in. (I primarily posted this out to Twitter so @yelp would see it)
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Rob guruvan Nelson

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Changing the VM state from 'RUNNING' to 'GURU_MEDITATION'.

LOL. That's the best error message EVAR.
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Hey I am getting that same error message does anyone have a resolution to this issue please help!!!
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