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I love seeing people create awesome stuff in Red Markets!
I created a mock LifeLines account using Google Sheets to help track all the aspects of the game as well, keep the players informed and myself organized. While I’d like to believe they check this between games (because I update it) the reality is we review it at the start of each session. That said it has still be hugely helpful!
I’m curious if anyone else had done something similar or has any thougths/ideas…

Active Jobs List – These are the jobs they’ve discovered with the clients and locations (I have mapped out all the major enclave in LA and East TX where we play). Demand and Supply change each time, what I have there now is from last game (guess which one they didn’t take…. )
Passes is just aging the work, I will drop them off or have “things” happen if active jobs are left along too long.
Notes is the additional info they find on the jobs.

New and Alerts – is something I added for fun. There are opportunities for side-jobs (quests) if they look into them or warnings of legs they may encounter. Also if they left something unresolved it will come back to bite them… for example….
“Those darned kids!” – they ran into a group of kids out of Lord of the Flies on a leg that shot and mugged them… there is actually a job out there with the kids in it specifically… in the meantime whenever a leg crosses and are with the kids in it the get an EXTRA complication to that leg/job!
“Anybody hear that noise?” – there is an Aberrant out there that makes sounds attracting casualties and vectors… not possible way that will be bad…
“English $%#%$#” – there are some Chinese soldiers in the area that will drop in on the Takers at some point…

Search the forums – I have several (OK, a lot, they’re fun to write!) prepared jobs and I make up posts for them for the group to pull from when they go looking for a new job. Some have more detail because they have a jobline open (i.e. with Roseline) or their enclave needs help (i.e. Gator Town Council)
They’ve had fun guessing what the post names could possible mean… some are hints, but most are just something random I came up with….

As you can see at the bottom there are other tabs to track the crew, their rep, known clients and competition, locations they’ve been and jobs they’ve taken.


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Thanks Faust!

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Good news in the latest updates for 15 backers that missed their chance to get a handcrafted #RedMarkets dice tin:

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It's so weird to hear One Shot and RPPR together! But so wonderfully weird. 

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The Kickstarter is up!

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The game I've spent the last four years of my life working on is finally going on Kickstarter. It's a project that was inspired by a dark time in my life, but the solace of working on it helped me get through those same trails. I can honestly say I've never worked on anything harder in my career.

I'll try not to spam everyone's feeds too much in the coming month, but I would very much appreciate it if you could give it a look.

Gamer friends: Where do you go for your RPG news? With the ‪#‎RedMarkets‬ KS ready-to-go next Monday, I've reserved this week is solely for promotion. Where should I look?

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Episode 66 of the #RPGDesignPanelcast  is a brand-new recording from Gencon 2015. It was a fun seminar by myself, +Caleb Stokes and +Andreas Walters wherein we explained the basics of game design and how to get started. 


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A backer's comment tonight:

"So... this is amazing. Like, one of the 10 best RPGs I've ever read amazing. Hilarious and smart and just really well written. Anyway, I'll stop gushing. But great job. I'm really glad I supported this Kickstarter."

Heck yeah, +Caleb Stokes! 
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