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Professional Asbestos inspections and reports at competitive prices
Professional Asbestos inspections and reports at competitive prices


Ipswich residents will no longer be able to dispose of Asbestos products themselves come September 1 this year, and will need to utilise the services of a licensed Asbestos Removalist.  Ipswich City Council will be writing to the State Government seeking changes to legislation as it believes it will be safer for residents not to transport Asbestos themselves.

This is good news, and it’s bad news.  Asbestos should only be handled by persons who are competent to do so, but restricting people from completing their small removal jobs at home will place an extra cost on the exercise, and may just be a cost that your average person cannot afford.
Do we run the risk of homeowners leaving damaged or poorly maintained Asbestos products in their home because they can’t afford to hire an Asbestos Removalist?  Whichever way you shuffle the deck, Ipswich residents will seemingly end up one card short.

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Did you catch the Channel 9 news report on Asbestos at the end of last week?

The Queensland Government's "Statewide Strategic Plan for the Safe Management of Asbestos in Queensland" contains a priority to educate the community about Asbe...stos. We imagine Asbestos awareness will be making more headlines, and we couldn't be happier. Know your surroundings, know the risks, know the dangers, and know your options. 

 See the Ninemsn video:

The nation’s capital is securing headlines again with their Asbestos woes.  In February we brought you the story of the 1,049 homeowners who were being urged by the ACT Government to have Asbestos inspections completed on their properties.  These homes were exposed to Mr Fluffy Asbestos in the 1970’s and although a $100 million clean-up program had taken place in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, it has been discovered that Asbestos remained in some of these properties.

A further investigation has now revealed that during a renovation of one of these homes, the loose Asbestos fibres had been released into the air, contaminating the property and potentially contaminating surrounding properties.  Devastatingly, the family were still living in the property whilst the renovation was taking place, directly exposing adults and children to this deadly product.

Understandably, trades people across Canberra are concerned.  The Construction, Forestry, Energy and Mining Union has expressed dire concerns for its members, as what may seem like your average renovation could potentially be a death sentence for workers.  Remembering that it only takes one single Asbestos fibre to wreak havoc on the body, these men and women run the risk of exposing themselves to thousands of fibres every time they cut, drill, hammer, saw and breathe.

How are these workers to know if the building contains Asbestos if the homeowners aren’t even sure that it does?  The risk is enormous with these 1,049 homes, and the ramifications are nothing short of disastrous.  The fight is on to make Asbestos inspections and Management Plans for these homes mandatory, and we couldn’t agree more.  We urge you to keep yourself, your family, your neighbours and your hardworking tradies safe from the dangers of Asbestos.

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Are you fortunate enough to live in a beautiful home from the days of old? When lovingly maintained or renovated, they are indeed a slice of Australia's history, though they usually have hidden secrets. Do you remember or still have these... Bakelite switches? Yep, you guessed it - another place you can find Asbestos. Adding Asbestos to the plastic strengthened the material, kept it from cracking, made it withstand heat, flames and electrical current, and also prevented it from shrinking.

Bakelite was such a hit that it was used for many other products such as telephones, electrical panels, steering wheels, buttons, and jewellery. Anyone for an Asbestos necklace?See More
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We know how much you men love your sheds and garages, with tool set ups like you’d find at a Mercedes service centre, but have you had a good look at the walls and roof of your pride and joy?

If your workshop is one from days gone by, there’s a good chance the sheeting contains Asbestos, and it’s one of the most common areas where maintenance doesn’t take a high priority.

Have a look at the sheeting, and if there’s a chance it contains Asbestos, make sure it’s in good condition.  Patching with PVA and a coat of paint will keep Asbestos fibres contained, and will keep you tinkering for a long time to come yet.

If you own a commercial building constructed prior to 1 January 2004, you are required by law to have an Asbestos inspection, report, register and management plan. These must be kept up to date, be kept at the workplace, and be readily accessible for workers. Haven't had it done yet? Complete our booking form and we'll have you meeting legislation requirements in next to no time.

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If you are considering having Asbestos removed from your home or business, ensure the Asbestos Removal company provides an independent third party Clearance Certificate once the work is complete. The Removal company should NOT undertake themselves – it should be conducted completely independently. If your site has been given a clearance, and you notice pieces of sheeting in your building or yard, or even small fragments left on nails, don’t be afraid to speak up and have the removal company return to your property for another clean-up.
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"When you have uranium and now asbestos potentially contaminating drinking water, this has got to be game over for the CSG industry" ~ The Greens call for an end to gas mining after Asbestos was discovered in drilling fluid used in 12 rigs in Queensland.  See the full story:

What do you get when you combine deadly Asbestos with the controversial process of fracking? You get a disaster, that’s what you get. Our beautiful state of Queensland has been tainted a little more with Asbestos being found in drilling f...luids used in 12 gas rigs.

Fracking has drawn much contempt for many years, with countless reports of negative environmental impact. There is a seemingly endless supply of documentaries and personal tales of declining health, despair and death surrounding this process. Whether you are for or against fracking, the addition of Asbestos to the process is nothing short of a disaster.

Origin Energy has suspended drilling, quarantined all stocks of contaminated drilling fluid, and have appointed specialist waste removal experts to perform a clean up.

We ask how much of this deadly fluid was used before the concerns were raised and the product ceased being used? How much Asbestos has been injected into our environment? Will we ever know the truth?

See the full story:

Do you just assume your home and contents insurance covers Asbestos? Insurance broker, Denis Hardy, sets the record straight: "After the Blue Mountains bushfires, where some older houses contained asbestos, a lot of people found their insu...rance didn't properly cover getting rid of it safely," he said. "Depending on the amount of asbestos involved, it could cost an extra $20,000 or even $40,000 to remove it." He said asbestos removal in some factories could cost as much as $60,000. See the full story here:

You may not need to make a claim today, next week, or next year, but if the unfortunate time comes that you do, could you afford it? Don't get caught out at a time when you least need it - verify with your insurance company that your policy covers Asbestos.
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