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Individual liberty, consent, property
Individual liberty, consent, property

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"Great work buddy! Loved every moment of the Seminar.”

“Thank you very much for the splendid seminar, which I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from – as I’m sure did everybody else.  It was exceptionally interesting this time, and left me with lots to think about (and some things to be worried about, especially concerning the NSA).”

“Thanks for the rather lavish accommodation.  I got so much out of the whole four days.  The view from our balcony was lovely.”

“Thanks Trevor for organising an excellent seminar. It was fun to see your hometown.”

The 29th Libertarian Spring Seminar which took place in Jeffreys Bay recently has come and gone.  By most accounts it was a successful and interesting seminar, enjoyed by all. Finally, 36 people registered for the seminar and 35 actually attended, making this one of our biggest seminars in recent times. 

I have loaded all the audio files of the talks, the powerpoint slides and photos to the Libertarian Society website at, under Events/Past Events/29th Seminar. Just click on the Events tab and follow the prompts. Click on the builtin audio player under each topic to play the recording of the talk.
Please have a look at the page and add any comments at the bottom. I would really appreciate hearing from you. Browse around the rest of the site while you are there, comment on the posts, visit some of the links. Refer the site to friends who may be interested.

Next year as promised Frances Kendall will organise a seminar in Orania - probably late September 2015. She will give dates soon so no excuses!
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Draft program for 2014 Libertarian Seminar to be held in Jeffreys Bay from 10th to 12th October.
Contact Trevor Watkins at for more details.

Friday 10th October
9-10 Frances Kendall -  Fast and slow thinking and the Oscar Pistorius trial
10-11 Ivo Vegter -The tinfoil-hat  loonies were right all along
11-11.30 Tea
11.30-12.30 Leon Louw – A libertarian approach to traditional law
12.30-16.00 Lunch/leisure
16.00-17.00 George Werner - Abolishing Government as a social institution, Practical or Utopian?
17.00-18.00 Schalk Dormehl - State of the surveillance state
19.00 Dinner

Saturday 11th October
9-10 Gareth De Vaux – The road to anarchy
10-11  Trevor Watkins – Authoritarians 
11-11.30 Tea
11.30-12.30 Ron Weissenberg - Orania – Whitewash, white elephant or white what?
12.30-16.00 Lunch/leisure
16.00-17.00 Stephan Botes – When government operates in fiction
17.00-18.00 Garth Zietsman - Liberty and Democracy
19.00 Dinner

Sunday 12th October
9-10 Schalk Dormehl – State of the dark web
10-11 Slot 13
11-11.30 Tea
11.30- C Bower – What do people want?
11.45 E Marais – Dorp van Drome – individual activism that works
12.00 – C Bower - Punishment - a pointless pursuit
12.15 T Watkins – Pirates and swarms
13.00-16.00 Lunch/departure
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Imagine that you discover a group of intelligent, interesting people who enjoy discussing thoughtful and challenging topics. Imagine that they have a rational and consistent world view, based on reality and provable fact. Imagine that they gather from all over the country once a year in a beautiful seaside resort, as they have done for nearly 3 decades. Now imagine that you are invited to join them.

The 29th Libertarian Spring Seminar takes place in Jeffreys Bay from 10th to 12th October 2014. It is open to all interested and interesting people. It is a feast of philosophy, freedom and friendship. Topics range across the entire spectrum of human experience, without limitation. The conversation outside the seminar is passionate and near continuous, with occasional breaks for fun, sport, eating and drinking, sightseeing and shopping. 

If you are interested in a radically different, potentially life-changing, intellectual experience, then register for the upcoming libertarian spring seminar. 

You can find out more about the libertarian philosophy at You can review and listen to the talks from the last 2 seminars at All the details for this 2014 seminar are in the attachment. 

Call Trevor Watkins on 083 4411 721 or send an email to for further information, or to register.
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It is about what we are for, not what we are against.

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Opinion Piece
Human beings just love to tell each
other what to do. I think it must be built into the DNA, perhaps as
part of the parenting process. Throughout history we have had chiefs
and priests and kings and governments and generals and presidents and
doctors and wi...
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Members of the Libertarian Party of SA (LiPSA) launch the party's manifesto on Freedom Day Holiday, 28th April at 3pm.

Mark Hinkle, past chairman of the American Libertarian Party, will talk on his experiences with the party and his views on the future of Libertarianism.

 Listen in to see and hear the proposals that LiPSA has to address the myriad problems facing South Africa in the 21st century.
Members of the Libertarian Party of SA (LiPSA) launch the party's manifesto on Freedom Day Holiday.

Mark Hinkle, past chairman of the American Libertarian Party, will talk on his experiences with the party and his views on the future of Libertarianism.

 Listen in to see and hear the proposals that LiPSA has to address the myriad problems facing South Africa in the 21st century.
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SAIRR article on a proposed new bill which will rubbish private property in South Africa.
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Available from LiPSA
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Libertarian Party April 2014 Newsletter

The good news is that the Libertarian Party was registered by the IEC as an official South African political party during April 2014, and our certificate is available on the website for inspection. The bad news is that we were unable to raise the R200,000 to contest the national election in May. Even if some kind sponsor had stepped forward with the funds, we would almost certainly have declined to make this iniquitous donation to repairs at Nkandla at this time, as the party is simply not ready to sensibly contest a national election. 

Of course this is disappointing, and it has resulted in a bit of a hiatus in the affairs of the party. However, our mission remains the same even if our target dates have been moved down the road a bit. We will now consolidate and build upon the solid structure we have created. We will undertake a range of new projects (see below). We will continue to be the voice of libertarianism, and of reason, within South Africa. 

We have adopted an organisational structure unique amongst parties in South Africa. This is the “swarmwise approach”, as described in our LiPSA Operating Culture document available here ( . This approach, based on mutual trust, allows LiPSA activists great freedom to help accomplish the goals of the organisation, without tedious bureaucracy. If you are keen to be a libertarian activist, please read through the document, and then go for it! Just keep us informed at Members who indicate that they would like to be actively involved in the development of the party are added to our swarm mailing list. They are included in most strategy discussions, and are encouraged to share their opinions with the rest of exco and the swarm. If you are keen to be added to the swarm, just send an email to Trevor at

After getting the party registered, our next objective is to develop and launch a decent party manifesto. Initially the executive committee spent a lot of time debating what items should appear in the manifesto, leading to a state of paralysis by analysis. We have now taken a more relaxed view of what may appear in the manifesto – any proposal from any member which is consistent with our principles, which is reasonable and feasible, and which adheres to our standard proposal template will be considered for inclusion in the manifesto.  The outstanding proposals get reviewed once a week by exco and the successful proposals are added to the manifesto on the website. Please consider submitting your favorite proposal for fixing the woes that beset South Africa.

We are planning a couple of projects in the near future. Your opinion and support for these projects would be much appreciated.

1. Manifesto launch. The manifesto launch is planned for Monday 28th April (Freedom Day public holiday) at 3pm, as a Google Hangout on air. This means that anyone with access to a computer can participate in the launch. We are planning to ask a well known international libertarian such as Ron Paul to join us in the Google Hangout along with fellow South African libertarians. All are welcome to attend.
See elsewhere on this page for the invitation to the hangout.

2. Libertarian Spring Seminar. LiPSA is planning to organise the 2014 Libertarian Spring Seminar and LiPSA party congress on the weekend of 12th to 14th September at a down-market (and therefore cheap) resort in the Cape Town area. This event is the highlight of the libertarian year, and a wonderful opportunity for us all to gather in the flesh. Mark the dates in your diary now!

3. Bumper sticker. The following bumper sticker can be ordered from Trevor Watkins for R10 each, including postage. 
4. LiPSA T shirts. Every self respecting SA political party has to have T shirts. We are still open to designs and slogans, so if you are a budding graphic designer, let us know. Here is our current design. They would sell for around R100 each. Please order one if you are interested.
5. V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes masks. These masks have become symbolic of the liberty movement overseas. They can be ordered over the internet. We are thinking of getting a stock and selling them at a small markup, probably for around R50 each. Very useful at public protest gatherings. Let us know if you would like one.
6. LiPSA Caps. This election seems to be all about headgear, so we are thinking of designing and marketing our very own brand of LiPSA caps, probably gold with our logo on the front. Let us know if you would be interested in 1, at around R100 each.
7. LiPSA wikipedia article. We are planning to produce a wikipedia article about South African libertarianism and LiPSA. If you have skills in this area, please let us know.
How can you help? Let me count the ways:
1. Visit and like our Facebook page at . Post a few thoughts while there.
2. Visit and +1 our Google+ page at . Consider "following" the page.
3. Visit and follow our Twitter stream at
4. Visit our blog at, add a few comments of your own to some of the articles.
5. Visit our website at You can register for membership online for just R10, view many useful links, and do much else. Invite friends to do the same.
6. Offer to become an activist and join the swarm. It may mean a few extra emails in your inbox. Send an email to
7. Submit a proposal for the manifesto. Get the template here, and save your proposal here, or send an email to
When you join LiPSA you are making a statement. You are saying that you do not acquiesce in the face of the rampant stupidity and corruption that is destroying our country. You are saying that you are an individual and your voice WILL be heard. You are saying that your name can be counted amongst those who resisted, who said “No! Enough is enough.”. At least you are doing something.
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by Andrew Kenny The iron law of climate alarm is this: BAD NEWS = MORE FUNDING. Bad news also feeds some deep religious need for coming apocalypse. The alarmists love to think that mankind is changing the climate in a dangerous way. Unfortunately for the...
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