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Right now is my favorite time to paint in northern Michigan. The air is softly fresh, the colors turning, and there is a sense of timelessness to the landscape. Perhaps the excitement felt is connected to an internal clock forever linked to returning to school (work). Whatever the reason, this time of the year is intoxicating.

Equally exhilarating is finding the work of a new (old) great artist whose works are simply exquisite. Have you heard of Floris Antzenius? I hadn't. He is a testament to the kind of artistry achieved by working in various mediums. Beautiful color harmonies, facile sense of technique, and a lovely sketchiness no doubt connected to his days in printmaking.

He leans into his work. And that's the gift this artist gave me today while I thumbed through his super elegant paintings while my old Westie slept in his basket. Today, I will go out and lean into a scene a bit more--- to attempt to illustrate that while I myself am not in the scene, I am also of it.

Thank you Floris.
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