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You may have heard about +Mandy Morbid's fundraiser, but just in case you missed it, here's your chance to help out!

Bad Myrmidon is an old-school adventure to benefit Mandy Morbid. All proceeds will go directly to her so that she can continue her battle against Ehlers–Danlos syndrome. A bad Myrmidon, for a good cause!



Cowardly Achilles has hidden his treasures in a temple on the island of Leuke. The undead Sisters of Penthesilea want vengeance, the Myrmidons want to protect the temple, and the Amazons want to kill the Myrmidons.

Outside the temples, forest fires rage in slow-motion; feathered viragos stalk hapless men; madfolk torture and burn each other; and nude cultists preach love, tolerance, and self-mutilation. This island is damned, and those who voyage here are damned as well. But treasure awaits!

+Gennifer Bone and +Wayne Snyder contributed the kickass artwork, +James Raggi wote an unforgettable hex-crawl encounter, and +Dyson Logos created the glorious new map.

So purchase this kickass module now!

(Info about Mandy and EDS: )
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Good lord! I drew an 11-room dungeon crawl! ELEVEN ROOMS! You, sir, are a mad-man!
"It is not I who am crazy; it is I who am mad!" (Ren Hoek)
how could I NOT buy this thing?
I had not heard of it, but I have now, and I have bought it.
So I was all, "So that's wrong, the price on the .pdf is moar than on Lulu", oh wait, it's the average pay-what-u-want price. That's awesoome.
I just spent the past couple hours linking hexes to pages in the PDF. I might do the same to the dungeon. This book is rad!
Damn! That's kickass! Glad you're digging it.
Jeez. I just got the title. Now I have to buy it!
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