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Novelist, video game writer, RPG designer
Novelist, video game writer, RPG designer

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A megalomaniacal inventor with an arsenal of lethal gadgets. A wisecracking cat burglar with nothing left to lose. A hellbound psychopath with an ugly score to settle. They're the Astounding Antagonists, and they're about to pull off the perfect crime. There's just one catch: if they succeed, they might accidentally save the world.

From the skyscrapers of Apex City to the gates of Hell itself, the Antagonists battle against the billionaire superheroes and high-tech vigilantes who maintain law and order. But as loyalties are tested and old hatreds are rekindled, the line between friend and foe begins to blur...



"The writing in the book is superb... It's a beautiful thing when a writer can pull together humor, sadness, euphoria, and dismay all into one book, and Chandler does just that." (

"I appreciate a book that can bring some knowledge and insight to their plots while keeping the characters believable. It is hard to do, and this book does it well... I completely recommend this book." (Black Nerd Problems)

"It was fun, it was deep, it was snarky, it was diverse, it was complex, it was poignant and it was epic and horrific and amazing." (Fangs For The Fantasy)

"This is an ensemble piece with a large cast so unique, so different from each other and all so loveably flawed in their own way that every single person who appears is memorable." (Ghouls, Gryphons, and Gadgets)

"It all culminates in a brutal street brawl with lots of accusations, recriminations, and payback. It's like a giant crossover event scribbled on a napkin by James Robinson and Marv Wolfman." (

"The best capepunk novel since Soon I Will Be Invincible. I've read a lot of books in this genre in the past few years, and discovered many gems among the dross, but Chandler's is the first since Grossman's to give me this much of a visceral, emotional and literary thrill. His characters are so strong, uniquely voiced, understandably motivated, and genuinely engaging I found myself fearing for their lives and well-being with every turn of the page." (Stephen T. Brophy, author of The Villain's Sidekick)

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This right here and a half-gallon of black coffee, with a side of bacon and eggs, and I feel simultaneously warm and cheerful yet also grimdark and frostbitten. Every morning should start this way.

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Glorious! Anyone know the latest Lulu code?

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Looking for a good horror movie to enjoy on Friday the 13th? My top recommendations:

REC: Found-footage zombie movie from Spain. Bloodbath. Ferocious.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon: Mockumentary about a slasher who wants to emulate his heroes (Krueger, Voorhees).

Inside: On Christmas Eve, a pregnant woman is stalked by a psycho. So much fun!

Martyrs is just a nightmare. Took my breath away. DON'T watch the American remake (which, really, is good advice for any movie).

The following movies are all on Netflix:

The Horde: French zombie flick about cops and criminals; they're busy trying to kill each other when the zombie outbreak happens, and now they have to work together to survive.

Dead Set: Miniseries about a zombie outbreak that takes place during the filming of Big Brother (the reality show). Sharp satire, gore all over the place.

It Follows: A group of teens are stalked by a relentless killer that can't be seen. Top-notch tension and dread.

Creep: Funny and unnerving found-footage movie about a man hired to record a message for the family of a guy who's dying from a brain tumor. Things get weird, and then they get scary.

The Host: Monster movie from South Korea. Giant frog monster eats people. Family bands together to save their youngest. Action and drama. Awesome.

Late Phases: Tough little movie about an old soldier hunting a supernatural killer.

Deathgasm: Hilarious horror-comedy about a metal band that summons a demon by accident. NATAS LIAH \m/

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BOARD GAMERS! I need a six-player co-op board game. I'm a big fan of Legendary, but there's a good bit of downtime/waiting with that many players. Looking for an alternative. Suggestions? (Not interested in partial co-op games, such as Last Night On Earth -- strictly "everyone on same team," please.)

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I Am Not A Serial Killer is an oddly uplifting and poignant horror movie about a series of gruesome murders in a small town. The less you know about the plot, the better. The pace is slow, but peppered with offbeat humor and delicious gore. Really loved this one for its many surprises and its thoughtful approach to sociopathy. On Netflix now.

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Super important that you look at this.
From the makers of Hello Kitty.
This is a real thing.

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All my PDF gaming stuff is now free or pay-what-you-want. All my print gaming stuff is now sold at cost (no profits to me). Why? Because I pretty much broke even, and had a bit left over to commission some artwork for that heavy metal OSR sourcebook I'm working on. Time to cut prices to the bone! If you like cannibalism, tentacles, and scaphism, check out my stuff in the links below (also, new Lulu code: RESOLUTE15 saves you 15% -- Christ, talk about burying the lede, Chandler).

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August 1845: HMS Terror (a bomb vessel converted into a polar exploration ship) enters Baffin Bay. It is lost, and all souls aboard are declared dead.

September 2016: Terror is found in Nunavut, at the bottom of Terror Bay.

October 2016: The people of Nunavut report "a strange noise that seems to be coming from the sea floor." Authorities can find no explanation.

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Lovely bestiary! Bizzarie di Varie Figure, written by Giovanni Battista Bracelli, published in 1624. "The book (of which only two complete copies are known), comprises forty-seven engravings, most of which depict a pair of stylised figures, formed variously of boxes, chains, rags, pots, pans, twigs, drums, bells, etc., etc."
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