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I ran the first session of a new Dungeon World game last week and it went great. I've got a bunch of material I think I can use, but I'm having a few problems with Fronts.

Why is there a distinction made between Campaign and Adventure Fronts? Having read the DW book and the Guide by Eon Fontes-May and Sean Dunstan I don't get the difference.

I've got a couple of related Dangers (a Necomancer and a Cult both worshipping Dragoth the Many Angled Menace) but I also have some Dangers than remain largely left blank (An unknown group of men building something in the wilderness). 

Making the related Dangers into an Adventure Front makes perfect sense to me, but I'm at a loss at what a Campaign Front looks like or is for and I'm inclined to have a couple of Dangers that have yet to be associated with Adventure Fronts.

Anyone have thoughts? Those of you that use Fronts frequently what do they look like and how do they help?
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