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Ginny Brideau
Coffee. Camping. Construction. That's pretty much it.
Coffee. Camping. Construction. That's pretty much it.

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I miss Blogging
I've said it before - Facebook and Twitter killed my blog.  But, I feel like I'm coming full circle.  I'm back to talking in more than 140 characters.  I don't want to be full of "Articles I read".  I want to pull back the curtain on what appears to be a ve...

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I'm just connecting to this. Going to try it out. Anything to get away from picking up the old school telephone...

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On The Edge
I’ve been at the California-Pacific Conference - the Annual Conference at the University of Redlands.  It’s the conference that I felt that FUMCLA needed to have a presence if we wanted to convince the Conference that our church was viable.  And, this is wh...

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Bishop and Superintendent Making The DTLA Trip
Tomorrow night, our church will be visited by the Bishop and Superintendent to discuss the upcoming change in status of our church.  I’ve been a member of FUMCLA ever since Alex and I moved to Santee Court way back in 2004.  I remember when he told me we sh...

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Long Day
It was very odd NOT to be working the Gold Line opening today.  Almost everyone (with the exception of a couple people...more on that in a moment) from Metro worked the Gold Line opening today (they are likely still working it because the activities don't e...

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Daisy to Brownie...
This week our little girl goes from Daisy to Brownie.  Eh, any girl going from 1st to 2nd grade can do that...that's true. But, we are talking about Iolani!  :-) From the first time she put on that little blue uniform, I hoped that she would be as excited a...

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Urban Hike Wrap Up
You know it was a long day soon as we get home, Iolani makes a bee-line for her bed. I look up and she's fussing with her sheets.  The Girl is O. U. T. Out. It started last year with me wanting the Juniors to take the Daisies on a hike. Not knowing ...

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I Need Some Advice For Someonbe I Know Who Is Signing Up For Medicare
I know someone who about to miss his third enrollment period
to sign up for Medicare because he doesn’t know where to get impartial - and
well informed advice – for which plan he should sign up for.   And more importantly – which carrier he
should sign up w...

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20% Chance of rain
Weather broadcasters have the life.  I know I'm not the first one to say this.   We woke up in our tent on Saturday morning to the start of rain.  I figured it would just be a quick morning sprinkle, enough to clean the tent.  Nope, we had a full 24 hours o...

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People think I'm sooooo internet savvy.  I don't claim it, it just happened.  For a long time I thought "FTW" meant "For The Win!", mostly because I confirmed it via the internet . However, as I was delivering  @msiolani  to school the other day, I passed b...
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