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Dan Cetorelli
Lifetime table top gamer, Part time Bookbinder
Lifetime table top gamer, Part time Bookbinder


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Newest Mouse Guard commission finished and shipped so I thought I would share. More photos here
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Making an effort to get back in the studio more often. Urban Shadows has been on the re-skin to-do list for awhile. One of my more simple designs but I am liking it. +Magpie Games

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Been a while but did some work for the folks at Burning Wheel and now that the backers have their books I can share the Codex and BW Gold covers I did.
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I know I dont post much, except when I have new book project but trying to boost the signal on a con I run each year in November . It is all things table top gaming and player registration opens on Sept. 19th. We are still looking for people to run events and help out with our Games on Demand. If you are so inclined please pass this along to anyone you think would be interested.

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GASP will be running some game demo's at the Carnegie Science Center on the 19th. If you are interested in helping demo some Role Playing as a player let me know.
Carnegie Science Center: 21+ Night
Carnegie Science Center: 21+ Night

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GM Registration for GASPcon 16 in now open!

You can now start submitting your events for this years GASPcon. We have more space but prime slots can fill up fast so get your games in as early as possible. 

IF you ran events for us last year and are going to run at least 8 hours of events this year you badge will comped up front. If this is the first time you are running and event, you are running fewer than 8 hours this years, or it has been more than a year since you ran an event for us you must send in you registration payment to ensure your game stays on the schedule and if you qualify you will receive a refund at the end of the con. Regardless of your status GM registration is a 2 step process

1. Go to Warhorn and register  IF you qualify for an upfront comp select full weekend and we will fix it on the back end.

2. Go to our event submission page and send in your events. If you know what and when you want to run something you can submit it without full details as a placeholder for your event.

Since we have more space for the first time we are opening up space  for LARPs, Seminars, and Classes. If this is something you would like to do please contact me at 32rohoe AT first and tell me your idea, space needs, and additional cost you may need to charge. If you are considering a larp it must be an event that does not involve weapons of any kind (inducing padded), and it must be containable to a single 20 x 30 room.

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So I have gotten some good use out of these DW adventure primers so I thought I would share. If you enjoy them feel free to Use, Edit, Hack or Share...

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Well it was a close one this year but the con is just two days away, ,attendance is looking great and we have a nice mix of games on the schedule.

Pre registration has closed at this point but if you missed that discounted rate you can still save 5$ at onsite registration. Just say the magic phrase "Online Five Dollar Discount" and you can get 5$ off a full weekend pass, cannot be used with any other offer or on single day registrations.

Hope to see you all there!

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If you send your details to by today I will take care of it otherwise see me at the con and we will work it out there.
So I am set as having a Returning GM badge comped for GASPcon, yet I did not meet the deadline for actually signing up any of my sessions. I really want to still run my sessions though if this is at all possible. Please let me know if there is a way to still do this.
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I wanted to post an update to GASPcon.  We were notified on the 17th of October by the hotel that they would not be able to honor our original dates, as their renovation hit another delay.  We have been scrambling to find an alternate venue or cancel GASPcon.

We were able to secure the South Main hall in the Monroeville Convention Center.  This 23,000 sq ft space is nearly 4x the size of our previous location.  The dates are unchanged, and we will maintain the 24/7 operating times as well.  Great news for GASPcon indeed.

There are plenty of hotels very close to the convention center, and food options are abundant.

We will continue to accept pre-registrations now that we have a new venue.

This e-mail was just sent by Don, but I wanted to duplicate it here for anyone not on our group e-mail list.  Sad news indeed.

Hello all.  I’m writing to day to share an important update about GASPcon.  As most of you may be aware, the Clarion Inn hotel is undergoing significant renovations as it is being converted into a Crowne Plaza chain.  Dan (Da Bard) and I stopped in on September 26th to speak with the new management about our event, specifically about the hotel’s ability to have the venue ready for our rental the weekend on Nov 14-16.  We felt we were clear that we had not opened up mass-registration yet, and wanted to be sure the venue would be ready, as we have many guests that travel from outside the region to attend GASPCon.  We were assured by the general manager (Mr. John Sharpe) that the main room would be ready, and the only issue may be the secondary ballroom we were planning on renting, but we could use the third ballroom as a back-up.  At that time we are put into contact with the Director of Sales & Marketing (Mr. Jerry Weaver) whom we worked with over the next few weeks to solidify our event particulars.

Unfortunately I was contacted by Mr. Weaver this past Friday (10/17) that there was a significant delay with the main ballroom renovations, and they felt the room would not be ready for us by the 14th.  Over the next few days that changed to a solid not available.  The alternative we were given was to change our dates to sometime in December.  Dan and I discussed this at length over the past few days, and we both feel this is not an option for us, for numerous reasons.  The 3 main reasons are
1.   The weather is too iffy mid to late December, plus it runs too close to Christmas
2.   There are too many moving pieces with GMs & events, as well as all our attendees, to ensure we can get the same turnout with such a late notice date change.  Less events means less attendees means we won’t make enough money to cover the rental.  Too risky
3.   Lastly, I was very frank with Mr. Weaver, in that how could we be sure they would be able to meet any new date they move us too, given the assurances we were promised at our September meeting with Mr. Sharpe.  It’s even worse if we move the event, and have to cancel it anyway.

This really puts us in a bind.  We’ve opened registration full throttle, and have over 150 people already pre-reg’ed for the convention, in addition to several of you travelling from out-of-state to attend GASPcon.  Dan and I have communicating with the hotel for other options, as well as make a fevered effort to find an alternative venue.  On the Crowne Plaza front, it seems they lost our original signed contract we made with the Clarion Inn back in March, and at this point are only offering a date change as an alternative.  Our search for a last minute (less than a month) alternative venue has also come up with less than stellar results.  It’s no surprise that nearly every place that can fit us is already book for one or more days over that weekend.

The only bright spot in all this is we do have one (1) solid lead that we are trying to firm up plans with.  The Boiler Room of Pittsburgh is a large banquet facility, owned and operated by Local 154, Boiler Makers Union.  Their facility is on Banksville Rd, right behind the Days Inn.  They for sure have Saturday and Sunday available, and are checking into Friday.  Our initial price negotiations seem within our budget so far.  Being right next to a hotel means our guest that wish to have overnight accommodations can do so, maybe not as conveniently as being in a hotel, but not as bad as having to drive for miles to get home.

Here are the downsides
1.   Since they are Union run, they require a manager and maintenance person be onsite at all times.  This requires an additional fee that is normally built into the price, but since our event runs about 3x as long as normal events (6am to midnight (18hrs) as opposed to a normal 6 hour rental), they are seeing what our cost would be.
2.   They allow 24 rental, but we think the price will be even higher than a 6am to midnight pricing, so it may not be doable
3.   Friday may not be a rental option, so we would be back to a 2-day convention this year

So, where does this leave us?  Not in a great spot unfortunately.  The sales manager at the Boiler Room is aware of our predicament, and we are going to make a final decision on Saturday, after Dan and I visit the site and work out details.  If the pricing is within our budget, we will most likely proceed, even if it means dropping down to 2 days.  The other bad news is we can’t really issue any discount if we do drop to 2 days, as the preliminary costs are very close to what we were going to pay at the Crowne Plaza for a 3-day convention.  If we drop the weekend price at all, we’ll be heavily in the red on costs.

If the venue doesn’t work out, our only option at this point is to cancel GASPcon and issue full refunds to everyone that has pre-registered.  This royally sucks, as GASP is really getting screwed on this with the Crowne Plaza cancelling our original dates this late in the game.

Either way, if you booked a room at the Clarion Inn/Crowne Plaza, please cancel it now.  We will not be using that hotel for the convention.  Feel free to express your opinion about the whole ordeal, but as always be civil.

Since I know people will ask, let me address the issue of what are GASP’s legal actions against the Crowne Plaza for a breach in contract.  In all honesty, nothing.  We are a small organization and don’t have the funds nor the desire to take on this type of challenge.  As someone who has personally been involved in a lengthy legal action due to a disputed will, I know it could take YEARS for anything to happen, and even if the outcome seems clear, you never know what the final verdict will be.  I have no desire to be involved with that sort of lengthy process again, as the rewards are not worth the time and effort we would need to put in.  I know that seems like a pessimistic outlook, but we have decided and have no interest in dragging this out.  We have not made any deposits yet (fortunately), so we’re willing to let bygones be bygones. 

With that said, we do realize that some of you have made plans to attend the convention, that involve travel arrangements with real money put forth by you.  If you can wait until this weekend to decide to cancel or not, please do so.  If we do end up cancelling the convention and you are stuck with a non-refundable purchase, let us know and we will work with you to compensate you somehow.  The last thing we want is bad blood with GASP over something that was out of our hands.  If we do end up cancelling GASPcon, we may hold some type of impromptu gaming that weekend, and you’re more than welcome to still cone to the Burgh and enjoy some sort of gaming excitement.

Again, please cancel any hotel reservations now, and we’ll see about making arrangements with the Days Inn if we end up booking The Boiler Room of Pittsburgh.  And also, if anyone is a member of Local 154, let me know and maybe that will help with the rental fees.

Sorry for the bad news.  Feel free to contact myself or Dan with any specific questions or concerns.

Don, Dan and the whole GASP Royal Court

Just to highlight one line from the e-mail, 

Either way, if you booked a room at the Clarion Inn/Crowne Plaza, please cancel it now.  We will not be using that hotel for the convention.  Feel free to express your opinion about the whole ordeal, but as always be civil.

Hopefully the alternative venue will pan out this weekend.

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