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The weekend is nearly here!
... alright, the other days are pretty good too :)
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Not bad... Giant sand scultpure + dragon inside a room
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I see lots of discussion about the new #googledrive, expecting a release very soon! Excited to see how it's going to integrate with G+ circles. Maybe they haven't fully integrated with Docs yet because they are replacing it with this...

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Marty Papamanolis hung out with 8 people.Marty Papamanolis, Andrew Quinn, Lachy McArthur, Joseph Burke, مطيع احمد, 佐藤信, Rajesh Dsilva, and Giulio Casali
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Apps for Hangouts

Today Google opened up hangouts for developers to create Hangout Apps. You used to be able to watch YouTube videos together, then Google let you use Google Docs in hangouts. This update now lets you do a lot more - draw together, brainstorm, create diagrams, play games, have fun with a few gimmicks etc. One of the best parts is these apps, which you would have to usually create an account for, are easy to use - just click ok and that's it. On top of this, you have the Google Hangout. These hangouts were already amazing - chatting with up to 9 people at a time, but now there is an extra layer that really enhances the experience. The layout of choosing the apps is very much like the chrome store which seems easy to navigate at the moment. I presume as more apps are developed they will be sorted into similar sort of categories.

Smart steps by Google here. When (if) they release Google Drive in the coming months, I'm sure all their services will only become more connected and functional. If they open Google Drive up like they've just done for hangouts, they will really push cloud computing along. All of this is meshed together by Google+, which adds the social layer onto all of this. Share your group assignment with your uni circle, send an email to everyone in your work, invite your close friends to an event.

This is starting to get very interesting.
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Another one off the list, now just waiting for it to roll out! Still quite a few decent features to go, but I'm sure we'll get there eventually.
Google+ Wish List

Stream Filtering
Better Photos experience than Facebook
☐ Photo tags - say for an event, you and your friends have photos. There should be a way to add a tag and then view all photos with that tag. An alternative would be shared albums where anyone can add and manage the photos.
Much better management of photos and albums - easily move photos, merge albums, delete a selection etc.
☐ Personal messaging system comparable to Facebook (including ability to chat between G+ messenger for mobile devices and Google+ on a browser, and a full history view of conversation)
☐ Ability to share to Public/Your circles minus selected circles
☐ Google Groups Integration - think real-time forum - no need for refreshing and ability to limit to certain people
☐ Google Maps Integration (including ability to share a live, interactive map to G+ stream)
☐ Google Docs Integration (including ability to share documents to G+ stream)
☐ Google Calendar Integration (including ability to share event to G+ stream)
☐ Personalised What's hot section(s) based on what you've +1'd and keywords from your posts
☐ Google bar in YouTube
☐ Google Music available internationally
☐ Notifications for all Google products (You should be notified if someone invites you to an event on Google Calendar, or to collaborate on a Google doc)

I'm sure +Vic Gundotra and the +Google+ team are already working on these. They've done an amazing job so far with the frequency and quality of their updates. It's just a matter of time.

What do you think? Will the masses come swarming once (if) these features are added?
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The new update adds some big improvements. Here's the change log:

Version 1.10
- Added additional configuration settings for songs so you can now control what tracks are played and if they are treble, bass or both
- Added option to change size of the staff in settings
- Added ability to resize the window from the menu screen
- Added a free 10-minute trial period to test the Pro version
- Optimised graphics to improve performance
- Improved the display of notes, most noticeably quavers
- Increased tolerance for timing in scroll mode
- Removed ticks and crosses during game in favour of colouring the note green or red
- Renamed 'acoustic' mode to 'listen only'
- New option where notes will no longer disappear in scroll mode until they are off the screen (enabled by default)
- Still mode now displays bar lines and previously played notes (enabled by default)
- Metronome configuration enhancements now with the ability to change the beat subdivision
- Added support for basic time signatures
- Added G flat key signature
- Slightly increased delay before starting in scroll mode
- Fixed a bug where some notes in song mode were not grouped correctly
- Fixed a bug where the game could be resumed after stats were shown
- Fixed a bug where 'C' and 'F' keys were being played twice when playing with the keyboard
- Fixed a bug that was causing the main menu screen to run slowly
- Fixed a bug that caused notes in 'acoustic' mode to play back in the wrong octave when 'one octave' and 'smart notes' were disabled
- More detailed messages are now given if errors occur
- A computer restart is no longer required after upgrading to the Pro version
- Other bug fixes
- Performance enhancements
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The update is nearly ready. Just a few minor bug fixes to go. Expect it in the next few days.

Also check out some of the newly added help docs on the website.
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