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Can companies with poor credit history use Groupon/LivingSocial as a subprime loan?

Is it a coincidence that cloud computing is characterized by centralization and mobile devices are trending toward integrated manufacturing (h/w and s/w by same vendor)? Is the pendulum swinging away from specialization?

Are Androla, Microkia and Apple going to be the finalists? (Android/Motorola, Microsoft/Nokia, and BB is dead already)

Hit another consultant milestone: Hertz #1 Club Gold President's Club

Has anyone tried the Google Hangouts thing? Is it cool?

If the US loses it's AAA rating, does that mean the interest I get on my bank account goes up?

‎3 more weeks for the Starwood promotion. Are you finishing strong or doubting you'll be able to use up the free nights you've accrued?

Going to Cape Cod this weekend!

Facebook isn't working in my apartment. Guess it's a sign...

So is the hard part or the easy part done for S. Sudan?
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