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Paradisus Palma Real Resort All Inclusive
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Playa de Bávaro Av. Alemanio Punta Cana 23000, Dominican Republic
Av. AlemanioDOLa AltagraciaPunta Cana23000
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Diane Y
a month ago
My family are repeat guests so we've seen some of the changes this place has undergone (many of which are not great). Positives:- It's a decent distance from the airport, as well as relatively close to activities like horseback riding, dirt biking, etc. - Free water sports are a plus! - They have decent entertainment (nightly shows) and try to get guests involved in water exercises, volleyball, dance parties, etc. Negatives: - I think they've recently implemented "family" packages because this wasn't around a few years ago. Bringing big families are vacation are great, don't get me wrong, but it gets to be too much when the entire place is overbooked. - Another issue with this "family" package is that children are running around everywhere. I mean, they are literally running through restaurants with barefeet and some with only swimsuits on. Their parents do jack shit about this and even the staff give up because the parents end up yelling at the staff for trying to control their children???? Perhaps this is an issue with the parents themselves (then again, these are the same parents stumbling around drunk with the same motor skills as their infant children.) - "Family" packages: overbooked with everything. We had to reserve water sports literally days in advance, there never seem to be enough beach chairs/cabanas, etc. - Restaurants with reservations are absolutely terrible. Unless you're VIP VIP VIP VIP (which no one ever figured out what that even is???) you are never guaranteed a spot, even if you make reservations days in advance. I get that they overbook seats to compensate for people who just don't show up, but it gets very awkward when three groups are reserved for the same table and someone has to end up waiting another 2 hours to eat. They also set up tables on walkways so people to could have seats and that's just unacceptable. - For all the hype the reservation restaurants are made out to be, they're not that great. To be honest, the buffet offers the best stuff with relatively fresh food. - BUT even the buffet has issues like the fact that flies just chill on the food and nothing is done about it. Also, they repeat the menu over and over again, which is fine it is a buffet after all, but when a good 50% of the food tastes the same, everything gets tiring very quickly. - The staff eventually give up. They start off trying to be accommodating, but once you come with more than one issue, they start avoiding you. They keep saying "If you upgrade to Royal/VIP, we can help you more..." and that's just ridiculous. We aren't asking for champagne showers or a golden pony in our rooms-- we're asking for solid dinner reservations and the guarantee that our rooms are cleaned every day. - On another note with the staff: you have good people and you have subpar people. There are some individuals who are very accommodating and try to help you (usually the waiters, maids, etc.) Then there are individuals like the restaurant hostesses who are incompetent and rude. Apparently, the fact that they're holding the reservation book gives them the power to be complete assholes and to treat the guests like they're idiots. "If you have an issue with me, go talk to the front desk." This is literally what a hostess said to me, verbatim. She refused to seat us because of a mix-up with dinner reservations (see above issue with overbooking) and then told us to come back another night. They were also rude to the two other families who were before us, causing one family to storm out in anger. I really can't blame them, because apparently she had told them to wait for an hour and then proceeded to ignore them. - We also spoke with some other guests here and apparently Royal Service/VIP only gets you a private pool. Their service is equally as bad. Basically, I would not recommend this resort to anyone, ESPECIALLY repeat guests. The only reason I gave this review more than one star is because there were some staff members who were polite and courteous; nearly everything else was terrible here.
• • •
Teah Blanks's profile photo
Teah Blanks
3 months ago
Absolutely amazing experience. The Resort is truly Paradise. The staff were very attentive and welcoming. Beautiful atmosphere. There are a great deal of excursions offered. I enjoyed my stay and will definitely recommend to everyone!
Cathleen Stevens
7 months ago
This was our first time as Paradisus but it will not be our last. We had the most wonderful vacation ever. They resort is gorgeous, the food is delicious and the waiter, bartenders, etc. could not be more accommodating. The beach is beautiful. I had read from other reviews that the staff was rude and our experience was just the opposite. People could not have been nicer. Can't wait until we can get back there.
rui rosa's profile photo
rui rosa
a year ago
what an amazing experience. I will return for sure. The whole staff make you feel like royalty, 5 star in my book. Words can describe, highly recommend. Thank you for a great experience. Rui
Oscar Platt
5 months ago
I went to this place for a company vacation with Toyota and i have to say the name really says it all PARADISE!!! amazing experience and beyond excellent service. Our buttler Francisco was excellent he made sure we where attended at all times and took great care of us. EXCELLENT!!!
cavan miller's profile photo
cavan miller
7 months ago
The best time to leave is in 10 degree weather. This is no different for this amazing hotel. There are just one thing I do not recommend. One. Dolphin explorer. Ya really wanna know? Go there. Or just read its reviews. And don't go. I personally had a great time. The only lines there are are for excursions, such as parasailing, boating, etc. the ocean is incredible. The pools are great. Need to go somewhere? Golf carts go around the resort at almost any time you need it. Also there is-oh that one is a surprise. And the oh surprise also. Just go and you will see. P.S. The surprises are good ones.
• • •
Nick Saucedo
6 months ago
Beautiful resort! Top notch service, great rooms, variety of restaurants and menus...fantastic beach. The only thing that I will change is plastic cups in the pool area instead of paper...can't enjoy a drink in a paper cup, and it looks cheap
Kathy Slayton
a year ago
This was our first all-inclusive resort to visit. The grounds and buildings are beautiful. The pools are stunning. Our suite was absolutely perfect! The housekeeping was great too. That's the positive for this resort. Very few of the employees speak fluent English so, if you don't speak Spanish, you may not be able to get information or directions very easily. It took over an hour to check in. We were with a fairly large group (over a 100) that had reserved the resort months in advance. However, there was only one person assigned to check us in. The wait time would have been more bearable but, since the lobby and the main facility is open--air, it was very hot and miserable! When we finally received our room assignment we asked for directions to the room. After lots of hand waving and pointing, we decided to just try to find it on our own. After several wrong turns down different paths, we did find our room. We were hungry and learned that the 'buffet' was always open. So, to the buffet we went. I really can't say exactly what we ate because nothing looked like anything we had ever eaten before. Most of the dishes were identified but, they didn't look or taste like anything we were familiar with. All the breads were cold and hard. The butter was very soft since it was not kept cool but, the rolls were more like rocks. The dessert table was really pretty but, again, basically lots of different colors with little or no taste. Serving size was approximately one inch squares but, of course, you could eat all you wanted. Drinks were served quickly after being seated but, refills were basically non-existent. If you were fortunate enough to flag someone down, you might get a refill but, couldn't count on it. Most everything to drink was lukewarm, coffee, tea, soft drinks and water all were just lukewarm - very little ice was in the cold drinks. The excursions were not outlined very well and since we had trouble understanding the activities man assigned to our group we didn't have much luck. We asked to go shopping at the mall right outside the resort and he wave his hands a lot and said, free transportation, two plazas. After agreeing we were taken to a small cigar and souvennier store. We then boarded the van again and were taken down the street just a few blocks to another small cigar and souvennier store - exactly like the first one. We passed the mall going and coming but, never stopped there. The group we were with offered a beach, snorkeling excursion. The first night we set the alarm but, it didn't work so, we missed the first day. The next day, we called the main desk and asked for a 7 a.m. wake up call. The clerk repeated 7 a.m. about 3 times then asked if wanted a second call ten min. later. We agreed and went to bed assured we would receive the call. The wake up call came at 8:45 - too late for us to go on the excursion. Overall, the facilities and grounds are spectacular, the pools and the beach are wonderful, the food is pretty bad and the service is mediocre at best. We would certainly not recommend this resort to anyone.
• • •