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The Arrival of the Mam
Though the sacred day 8 B’atz’ (8 Chuen in Yucatec) is the
occasion for a vigorous community celebration in many Guatemalan towns, the
beginning of the Mayan New Year or “arrival of the Mam” is a much quieter
affair, often a simple family event. While many ...

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THE ORIGINS OF THE MESOAMERICAN CALENDAR This is a difficult topic. If you
want to start an argument among scholars, simply raise questions such as: Who
originated the Mesoamerican calendars? And: When did they do it? Each academic
will espouse her or his f...

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Energies in the Human Body: Ancient Teachings of Mesoamerica
The idea or a
central World Tree or World Mountain lies at the heart of the Mayan cos movision.
This is a universal symbol that transcends cultural boundaries – and so
is the idea that the central tree or mountain is actually within the human
body. There is...

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I don’t ordinarily make political predictions. In fact, I avoid it. But this year, I can’t resist trying my hand. In India, the common vehicle for political astrology is the Lunar New Year chart, cast for the moment of the new moon which occurs before the v...
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