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Cleo Dunsmore Buchanan

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Inspired work by Diana Foster
Preview of the new work coming at the Gathering bead bazzar! There will be more dinosaurs as pendants, and cabochons. Here's what an inspired jewelry designer made with my tyrannosaurus rex medallion she acquired at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee. Th...

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Like i am super Smart! Preparing for the Gathering
Preparing for the Gathering:   real life excerpts from my speech, as I
am in the creative flow and gushing super creative writing for my speech to be
read to bunches and bunches of peoples at the Gathering. Really. Birds are like pebble, they are individual...

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There be DRAGONS!
 Dragons are not a North American species of Owl. Yet when Beth Dewey approached me in 2014 and asked for dragons, I said, "What the hey. I'll give it a try." Requests
can be inspiring, educational, or a drag. There are animals I just
can't relate to, cre...

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Have you discovered Val Cox frits – OMG!
I went to a show in Massachusetts in November. My booth was
set up next to Wes Fleming, and I showed him some iris opal dark brown frit,
which used to be made by Arrow Springs. “Do you know where I can get more? I am
at the bottom of my jar.” Wes suggested ...

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There’s a reason the musical “Annie” has run almost
constantly for about sixty years. The reason is, optimism is a timeless
message. Another reason is, art based on optimism can do nothing but rise to
the surface, in any environment. Today, I am wearing my ...

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International Flameworking Conference 2014 part 1 JOYCE SCOTT Joyce Scott does not consider herself a glass artist. She is
an artist who works with glass. Joyce works in glass thru another artist – a flame worker.
She sits by, says, “I want a woman , well e...

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MZ - New Glass and Wood Creations
More notes from The Best Bead Show, Tucson Feb 2014! Yes, enough stories to talk about for months. Here is Margaret Zinser's booth. She has a whole new line of eco-
friendly, US sourced wood jewelery. The designs are drawn by hand, then are
laser cut into f...

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Chuck Burton
 Selling at bead shows means more than meeting new customers, and connecting with other businesses. Artists welcome each other as family, even when newly met. Chuck Burton is a super great guy, and a fixture at many shows, large and small. This year at The ...

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Something NEW in Glass?
Yes, technically , nothing is new. But new to me are Shawn Tucker's awesomely cute and fascinating creatures on obsidian. He heats a piece of obsidian in the kiln, then sculpts a boro creature on the hot surface. Cool! He also makes and sells tools for glas...

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Midnight Earrings
“Honey?” “mmmm.” “Honey, are you awake?” “mmmm.” “Honey, what do you think of these earrings?” “It’s dark in here.” “I’ve been up all night making these. They need to be ready
for the show. What do you think? Do you think the glass drops are too long for
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