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Thomas Peck on Revivals of Religion
Unauthorized “means”
used in revivals of religion These are used in various degrees of
offensiveness, often with circumstances of irreverence and indecency. In the
time of Finney, the Pelagian revivalist, they were called "new
measures," and later they have...
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Faith, The Sole Saving Act - William G.T. Shedd
FAITH THE SOLE SAVING ACT W.G.T. Shedd Sermons to the Natural Man (Sermon 20) John 6:28, 29. — Then
said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of
God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that
ye believe ou him...
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The Nature And Remedy of Sinful Shame
SINFUL SHAME. Psalm119:6.—“Then
shall I not be ashamed, when I have respect unto all thy
commandments.”  To be able to look up to
God with humble confidence, and to obey his commands with freedom and
fidelity before the world, is, a...
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H.P. Liddon on the Timeless Nature of Scripture
“Some instruction, no
doubt, is to be gathered from the literature of every people; the
products of the human mind, in all its phases, and in circumstances
the most unpromising, have generally something to tell us. But, on
the other hand, there is a great d...
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John 6 Is Not About The Sacrament Of The Lord's Supper
By corporal manducation,
we understand the eating of bread and wine, which Jesus Christ
honoured with the title of bis body and blood, because they are the
sacrament and commemoration of them. But our opponents pretend
actually to eat the body of Jesus Chri...
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Roman Catholicism is novel, and was invented for the benefit of the Pope and the Clergy.
It is not with a very good grace that our opponents,
after having disfigured and entirely changed the Christian religion,
venture to accuse us of novelty. For, in truth, the Romish religion
is a garment patched up with new pieces, — a heap of doctrines,
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How the Church Benefits From Pædobaptism
The practice of baptizing
the children of God's people, is of essential service to the
interests of religion. 1. It is a sensible and
positive proof of two of the prominent doctrines of revelation, —
the depravity of infants, and their need of grace. It is ...
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