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Adam Justice
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Adam Justice

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How many of my friends are still using Google +? I haven't used it in a while, and have only read that it is losing its popularity. 
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I think GOOG launched it to compete with FB, but never figured out what to do with it. ..
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Adam Justice

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Fifteen uncoupled simple pendulums of monotonically increasing lengths dance together to produce visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating, and (seemingly) random motion.

The period of one complete cycle of the dance is 60 seconds. The length of the longest pendulum has been adjusted so that it executes 51 oscillations in this 60 second period. The length of each successive shorter pendulum is carefully adjusted so that it executes one additional oscillation in this period. Thus, the 15th pendulum (shortest) undergoes 65 oscillations.

Pendulum Waves
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Adam Justice

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Can Social Media Sentiment Predict the Next President?
Researchers have used social media chatter to predict box office revenues, Grammy winners, and even terrorist uprisings. Can we apply these predictive analyses to the upcoming election? 
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Harold, did you see the predictions? It basically was an exact tie. I couldn't even make a pick based on the statistics Social Media Sentiment led to.
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Adam Justice

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I don't think there is any need for an alarmist stance. You can't deny greatness. We should all celebrate such accomplishments. Specific trespasses should be acknowledged, but I'd hate to be everyone's reminder that the world is evil. 
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Sage wisdom. :)
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Adam Justice

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I didn't even mention Google Wallet, or the Chromebook which is a prototype for a 50$ computer they can run schools with in 3rd world countries (they may be giving that thing away in 10 years), and I hadn't even heard of Google Music. Thanks Amanda for pushing the discussion!
*When Google Wins.. We All Win*

What are your thoughts on all the projects Google does outside of "search engine internet guys".... that make the world a better place?

Here is a stellar article by +Adam Justice that talks about all the fabulous things that Google is doing lately...  Including discussion of Google's Autodriving Car,  How Google Protects Users from Malware and the World's Fastest Internet Kansas City Lucky folks... 

....and all these things tie into what we do every day here on your account on Google+... ♥ it! 

Worth the read ->

#google   #kansascity   #selfdrivingcars   #technology  
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Adam Justice

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In a year of development, Apple brought consumers a phone that has a little longer screen. Facebook spent the year acquiring Instagram, a second photo sharing application. Google launched Google Fiber, a high speed Internet service that is 100x faster than the current average, and  robotic cars that drive themselves. Why does a search company take on projects like mapping the universe?
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+Mika Douglas You can't tar all Corporations with the same brush - People Good - Corporations bad - Corporations of ALL sizes are all over the map. Some are good, some do good things, some are bad, some do bad things, some are combinations of good and bad and some are horribly conflicted messes - amazingly just like the mix of human beings that run them, work for them, take paycheques from them, invest in them, buy products and services from them, sell products and services to them, expect services for free from them and so on and so and so on  :)

Why does the language have to be them versus us? Can't we all just get along?

Corporations are neither inherently good nor evil. They are the embodiment of the founders ideals minus their aptitude or ability for implementing those dreams and visions. In other words a great leader and visionary with great business skills will have a corporation that is very much in line with the vision and all the people in it and around it will follow suit and a great leader and visionary that does not have great business skills will have a mess on his hands given enough time and money. Most never have enough money... (thankfully? for them? for us?). 

Google has by simple observation managed to mostly get their "Do No Evil" mantra correct (hey your ON google right now aren't you?) and have managed to implement the vision and follow the leadership of the people at the top of their food chain. Until you've hired (and fired) employees you have no idea of how hard it is to achieve even modest success in business above a scale of one. 

So kudo's to them.

PS: Yes it is the duty and responsibly of every corporation to make a profit (or at a minimum not incur a loss) within the confines and context of a very very complex legal, fiscal, competitive, political and now very social world. Just as it is the duty and responsibly of a human to breath and stay alive :)
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Adam Justice

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Don't ever hire someone to "Install Wordpress". Make simple edits to fix your blog yourself. Never again pay 200$ for a logo that consists of your Business name and a stock image. Web Development Skills Every Online Professional Should Have, and How to Get Them  
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please it's God grace you to begun to learn cos if it's human nature you couldn't affort.
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Adam Justice

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Think of the possibilities! Free energy, world peace, free access to heat and air conditioning for the poor. By definition, these aren't perpetual motion, but who cares about a definition? It's obvious that they create more energy than it took to start them. 

Perpetual motion machines (hypothetical )
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Adam Justice

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Digital Marketing for the Holiday Season Infographics
Online Shoppers will spend $54.47 billion this holiday season. Does your business have the online presence in place to capitalize on this upward trend? The three keys to visibility in 2012 are Social, Search and Mobile.
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Thanks for your comment, if you thought it was a lot of effort, then it probably would drain my tank
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Adam Justice

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Everything a blogger needs to know about defamation. Great article from +Sara Hawkins 
Really IMPORTANT article from attorney +Sara Hawkins 

12 Most Useful Things to Know About Social Media and Defamation

Think you can spout your big mouth off on your blog or social media? Guess again.

"It’s when false statements of fact are tossed about and you knew or should have known they’re not true that we move from “it’s my blog I can say what I want” to alleged defamation."  

"You may be liable for what you say and what others say... Any social media platform that allows people to comment on what you say or allows you to share what that person says raises your level of liability. While there are protections for bloggers who permit comments on their site, that won’t necessarily insulate you from liability. Furthermore, with the ease of a few clicks we use our influence to share what others are saying and if we’re not diligent we could find ourselves perpetuating false statements of fact. Social media is still so new that there aren’t any significant cases to use for demonstration, but the fact remains that laws not specifically designed to cover social media are now being applied to these new and emerging technologies."

Please share this piece with your network.

Featured image courtesy of +Thomas Hawk via Creative Commons.
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Interesting. I am sharing this with my circles.
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Adam Justice

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I didn't realize Gina Gershon was psycho, but apparently this is public knowledge!
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I have so far NOT seen her in anything listed in wikipedia. How lucky can one guy get? Thanks for the information-I'm glad I like my celluloid heroes at a distance.
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Adam Justice

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Industrialization led to a production oriented economy. After WWII, a number of factors led businesses to innovate. - Learn how marketing evolved from the assembly line to Facebook 
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and adimerable to the consumer
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A little bit of Oasis :) . . . . . x one of my favourites x (please excuse the mistakes - I did it in one take cause I had to rush out). hah

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