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Hey just wanted to throw some thoughts up here! First off, I've been sick as a dog for the last few days. So between fever breaking and chatting with friends like I'm fine (Surprise!), I thought about the current state of some of the series of my blog. I just thought I'd share a few of my thoughts here instead of making a post about it on the blog without captions (I'll probably link this in the next post however.)

Hexing House- I thought I'd address this one first since it's become one of the most popular. This series isn't going anywhere I promise this. It's posts and content however is by far the hardest due to it's nature. I love the challenge but there's time I scratch my head as I scrap an idea. Soon, the series will start diving into others series as fun crossovers with themed around the other series. So far, only three series don't have one planned but that might change with time.

Out Break-  Another one that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. My only problem with it is how much I end up posting it sometimes. It's not that I hate it or anything. Honestly, I love it but it's just sometimes too much of a good to series. One of the things that surprises me with it though, the original wasn't that popular but after I started to posted it here and there it blew up. Just kinda surprising you know?

Utopia- After working so hard on the world for Utopia, you'd think I'd post it more. It's something I look to going to back soon just not yet. I think it needed a break after being almost every post for a while. I still plan on working it but it's just on hold.

The Brothel/ Witching Hour- This one is one I've been working on the revamp for a while here and there. I wanted to keep the old ideas while having more options for the series. It's always been a popular series and I don't see it changing anytime soon. I just wanted keep it fresh before it got boring.

Circe's Island- Another one that isn't going anywhere but has it's own challenges. It's another favorite and one of the more unique series on my blog but finding high quality images for it is always been the challenge. I want to continue it and plan to once I find some nice images for it. This is also the highest on the re-edit list.

Seeds of Corruption/Monster Madness- This series suffered when I lost my old image gallery. I lost a lot of works in progress. I've put this one on hold for while because of it. Since moving away from Hentai, I thought the audience for it was less but the recent poll has a surprising amount of votes for those old caps. It's currently being revamped. I won't go into much detail but I want to remove the whole virtual reality game in some ways and freshen it up. Should be premiering in the next few posts.

Unnamed Series- There is another currently in development. I've left hints for it in the past. I thought I'd briefly mention it. This is series themed around a character that has already been made in the past that was extremely popular. I won't say much more than it will simply be "amazing."

Heroes and Villains- I want to bring this one back. This series lost all it's work when I lost my old gallery and nearly 5 captions were gone. I still don't have 90% of the images from it. I don't know when it'll be back but it will come back one day.

The Lab- This one is in a strange spot. I've had very little inspiration for it lately. I'd put it currently as rotated out for now.

Ophelia Industries- Another gray one. I have ideas but I haven't really decided if I want to go farther with them or not.

The Farm- This will probably come with with Circe's. Most likely combined.

Infectious Ink/ Liquid Latex- Both of these were created as outbreak spin offs but neither really took off the way it did. Right now I'd say their done as their own series but I've played around with it's ideas still in outbreak. Viruses do mutate after all.

Corruption of Reality- This one has basically been replaced by Random Roulette.

Crazy Cults and Academy both are pretty much dead. No plans at all.

Anyways enough of my thoughts for now. To anyone that actually read it, wow I didn't think some one actually would lol. Any thoughts or ideas feel free to comment them. I'd love to hear what you have to say about your favorite series.

With love,


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Thank you all for a wonderful year!

Hexing House Behind the Scenes- Episode One

Hey girls, I just wanted to post some of my thoughts and how I feel about the first Episode of Hexing House.

Firstly I want to say, overall I'm extremely happy with the results of this whole project. This was something I thought would flop and you girls proved me wrong.

But, that doesn't mean there aren't things I wish I could improve. The main one is just the text areas in general. I wish they just looked nicer you know? At the same time, I want to avoid using pictures in the text only sections. I fear I'll end up using the same pictures just over and over again.

I also wanted to do another caption with the challenges but the contestant introduction ate up my time for a while. I had a hard time getting into character for both of them but in the end I'm happy with the results of their back and forth. In the future, there will be a third guest with our hosts that will go along with the theme of the episode.

Caption wise, I'm happy with the captions. As much as I want to do one for every contestant, it'd take so much longer to create and I kinda shudder about writing 12 captions all with the same "I don't want to lose" theme. It'd get repetitive to read and to write. I am going to rotate the featured contestants though. I want to make sure every one gets some form of highlights and time to shine.

Forsake Voting was something I played with for a while. My idea was, I wanted a way for the viewers to mix up the house just as much as I can and I thought the best way was to add a way to just throw some one under the bus. Even getting rid of a favorite without me being the bad guy. I'm honestly very curious to see how it plays out.

Lastly, my accidental extra contestants. I didn't even notice I had done it until I was setting up the victory voting. I thought I didn't update my list for some reason and added some of the ones I removed thinking they were meant to be on the list. It'll be fun to think of ways to get rid of them.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed the episode. I can't wait to see the voting results and begin on episode two. Until then, feel free to ask any questions or suggest any way to improve it the series.

With love,


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Just a quick update,

A new project is underway right now and I hope to have the first parts of it released very soon.

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New series preview- Heroes and Villains- The world is starting to go into choas with new powers emerge. Evil is trying to shape the world in it's own image and few have rose to defeat it. What will be your fate in this world? What side will you choose? 
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