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We're running a quick photo contest: Capture your best costume/decorations/candy haul. We're giving out some cameras (Canon ELPH I think) to the best! See the entries here:

To show off what can do, we launched - a distributed photo scavenger hunt. I'm going to give away some Canon ELPH cameras to whoever is winning at the end of the day. Please give it a try!

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Just launched Gifsplode, a chrome extension to bookmark and reuse reaction gifs:

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Relaunched ClueDB this week as a mailing list. Anyone got any good life tips to post?

Slightly excited about g+ api coming soon

plus is too narrow. it feels disrespectful to the actual content.

I'm getting g+ posts mailed to me occasionally. I don't seem to be mentioned, and the post doesn't say it was shared with me. Why am I getting them in my mailbox?

My company, Tasty Labs, is hiring. We are building social software to help you get things done.

I will give one decked out Macbook Air for people who successfully refer an engineer that we hire.

We are especially interested in junior engineers but senior folks are great too. We are looking for people with with interest and background in:

* Infrastructure engineers: Python, MongoDB, Tornado, Java
* Product engineers: The above, plus javascript, html5, etc.
* Search engineer: Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, big data, maybe some Hadoop, etc.
* Mobile engineer: iPhone or Android
* UX/Designer: strong at UX or visual design.

We are also looking for generally bright engineers who are just getting started in their careers so if you are a strong programmer or graduating computer scientist but have no focus in any of the above, that is good too.

Drop us a line at We are in Mountain View. You have to either be in the Bay Area or willing to relocate to the Bay Area. We do not offer telecommuting because good communication is too important for a small company. We are not yet able to help with immigration issues but hope to do so someday.

Wow, I'm top-100 most followed! I probably should say something interesting. Who are all of you, anyway?

Ok, now what? How do I level up at this?
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