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Азербайджанская кухня: Салат МАНГАЛ
Одним видом из любимых всеми холодных закусок является салат Мангал, название которого подсказывает и способ приготовления. Секрет аромата ''дыма костра'' прост: баклажаны, помидоры и перец готовят на мангале и только потом нарезают в салат.
Советуем попробовать! :)
Приятного аппетита! 😋

Azerbaijan cuisine: salad Mangal
One of the favourite cold snacks is the salad Mangal, whose name suggests the way of cooking. The secret of the aroma of the ''smoke of the fire'' is simple: eggplants, tomatoes and pepper are cooked on the grill and then cut into a salad.
We advice you to try it! :)
Enjoy your meal! 😋

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DUZDAG (Nakhchivan)
Nakhchivan Physiotherapy Hospital, situated at Nakhchivan Salt Mine Base on the height of 1173 meters from the sea level, started to function on December 29, 1979 as a hospital with capacity of 50 beds.
In 1980 the capacity of hospital was reached to 100 beds. The underground department of the hospital is situated in 14 km distance from Nakhchivan. The hospital consists of two departments.
1.The ground surface department is located in Nakhchivan Republic hospital named after N.Narimanov.
2. The underground department is located within salt mine in mountain workshop 300 meters from the entrance in 110 meters of depth at 9 worked stroke. Its two of them are wards belonging to men, in another two the wards belonging to women, in one the ward belonging to children, in two- foyers for rest and etc.
Nakhchivan Physiotherapy Hospital has the following parameters of influence and treatment:
1. The ground surface climate:
1.1 The highness of area from the sea level-950 meters
2. Annual average temperature 12-24 C
In January 5-10C, in June 35-40C
3. Relative humidity 40-45%
4. Annual amount of rainfall 200-300 mm
5. Atmospheric pressure 1020
6. Quantity of sunny days -260-280
2. The underground department climate
1. The highness from the sea level-1173 meters
2. Temperature 19-20 C
3. Atmospheric pressure 682
4. Relative humidity 23-35%
5. Weather speed 0-0,1 m/s
6. High dispersed NaCl ions
While not ill – 17. 5 ml/m3
While ill – 12. 5 ml/m3
7. Oxygen – 20%
8. Noise -15-20 DB
The thickness of salts mine 8, 2; the ingredients of Salt stone: NaCl-98, 4%; CaCl-0, 04%; MgCl-0, 06%;
While the patients are in the mine pit the temperature may increase 0.05 C, the relative humidity may increase 5-10%.
In Nakhchivan Physiotherapy Hospital the Spleoteraphy is conducted in conformity with the methodical recommendations of the hospital of Uzhgorod city in Ukraine. The patients, during 2-3 days get adapted to hospital zone. After it, starting from 18:00 up to 8:00 adult’s 20-24 séances and the children’s 14-18 séances place themselves in the underground department. During this period, depending on the side effects of the diseases, health conditions may change.
After the treatment finished it is observed 65-70% of recovery among the adults and 65-70% recovery among the children.
Together with going to salt mine, if needed the patients can get some medications, physic procedures, therapeutic physical training, thorax massage and etc. The medications are recommended as less as possible (if the patient is getting the kotriokostereoids, the doze is gradually decreased).
Spleoteraphy is carried out when there is not suffocation attack and within the period of remission.
There is compiled the list of indications and after effects of salt mine treatment at Nakhchivan Spleoteraphy Hospital.
Nakhchivan Spleoteraphy Hospital’s preference over other Salt mines is connected with the fact that as it is located in horizontal position the patients enter into the underground department already in the adapted from. Ventilation, in hospitals worked strokes - similar to chess, is natural; that means the weather flow speed is about 0-0,1m/s. The salt mine is stable with natural and high disperse Na+ Cl+ ions. Microbes are less in the salt mine. Thee hospital is situated in highly ecological clean zone. For this reason there are entirely not any poisonous gases (methane gas).
There are the following indications and after effects for the salt mine treatment:
1. Pre asthma
2. Bronchial asthmas 1st level, inflectional-allergic and atopical form easy and easy and middle range of bad form;
3. Bronchial asthmas 1st level, breath deficiency 1st and 2nd levels, heart cases 1st level;
4. Bronchial asthmas 1st level, with collateral chronicle non obstructive bronchitis and chronicle pneumonia of 1st and 2nd levels (remission stage);
5. Remission stage with chronicle bronchitis asthmas;
6. Allergic rhino sinusoid pathologies;
7. Pollinates disease;
Absolute side affects:
1. Bronchial asthmas 2nd level;
2. Bronchial asthmas 1st level with heavy running, diffused pneumonic sclerosis, breath deficiency 3rd level, heart case 3rd level;
3. Disease of Bronchi ataxia;
4. Lung abscesses gangrenes;
5. Lung tuberculosis all forms and stages;
6. Deficiency of blood circulation of 3rd level;
7. Heart cases sub compensations and de compensation phase;
8. Hypertonic disease of 3rd stage;
9. The disease of gastro duodenal erosions;
10. Tireo toxicosis;
11. The disease of kidney stone;
12. Anemia;
13. Diabetes of 2nd and 3rd levels (dependant on insulin).
Relatively after-effects are the followings:
1) Absence of upper and lower extremities;
2) Enurez;
3) Chronicle poly arthritis disease;
4) The anatomic changes of the nasal cavity (polyps, adenoids);
5) Chronicle hepato cholestisits.
In 2003 there was carried out the reconstruction and refurbishment works in the underground department of the hospital which can meet the modern requirements, the underground department was enlarged and equipped with modern technology. 300 meters of entranceway of the underground department was reconstructed, it was installed a lightening system along the way.
The electricity system the underground department was completely renewed.
In the underground department the entrance was reconstructed and the new transformer was installed. It was appointed the new shuttle bus to take patients to the underground department and back. It was done a 5 km of capital repairs on the road coming from Sharur-Nakhchivan main way to the underground department. The department was tackled with necessary soft and hard inventories. The underground department was additionally upgraded with 100 more beds.
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Azerbaijan’s Dihaj in grand final of Eurovision 2017

First Semi-Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest was held in Kyiv, Ukraine. In total 18 countries competed to get into the Grand Final.

The marvelous show was broadcast live from the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv. Azerbaijan acted in the first semi-final, which will also see performances of Montenegro, Finland, Georgia, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Australia and others.

Azerbaijan’s Dihaj was among first ten qualifiers for the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Azerbaijan Eurovision performance was unique and spectacular as usual.

Viewers from the 18 countries participating in the first Semi-Final, as well as from Italy, United Kingdom and Spain cast their votes. The first ten finalists will join the so-called Big Five and hosts Ukraine in the Grand Final on May 13.

Azerbaijan has been one of the most consistently successful countries in modern Eurovision. Since debuting in 2008, Azerbaijan has always qualified for the final, and placed in the top 10 six times, including Ell & Nikki’s 2011 win with "Running Scared" .

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12.05.2017 - 22.05.2017

Столица Азербайджана принимает горячую эстафету Олимпиады исламских государств.

Исламские игры или Исламиада – международные спортивные соревнования среди участниц Организации исламского сотрудничества (ОИС), объединяющей 57 стран с населением около 1,5 млрд человек.

Баку был выбран для этой почетной миссии на заседании Генеральной ассамблеи Спортивной федерации исламской солидарности в саудовском городе Джидда. Предыдущие Игры в сентябре 2013 года в индонезийском городе Пеканбару.

В программу состязаний IV Исламиады войдет 20 видов спорта, включая тяжелую атлетику, плавание, художественную и спортивную гимнастику, футбол, теннис, волейбол, бокс, греко-римскую и вольную борьбу. Общее число спортсменов-участников соревнований должно превысить 3000 человек.

Площадками для соревнований станут недавно модернизированные спортивные арены, успешно прошедшие «массовую» обкатку на первых Европейских играх, проведенных здесь в 2015 году.

Среди наиболее значимых спортивных объектов Исламиады 2017 – Олимпийский стадион Баку, Стадион им. Тофика Бахрамова, Спортивная арена им. Гейдара Алиева, Дворец водных видов спорта, Бакинская теннисная академия, Центр тяжелой атлетики в Шувеляне, стадионы «Далга Арена» и «Баксель Арена»

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