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Ben McNulty
Works at Life
Attended University of South Florida
Lives in St. Augustine, FL
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  • Life
    Time Spender, 2011 - present
    Nomenclature Evolutionary, 2011 - 2011
    Student, 2008 - 2010
  • Pizza Inn
    Restaurant Manager, 2006 - 2008
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St. Augustine, FL
Tampa, FL
"I gradually process sets of terms into different and better forms."
Ideas persist. 
With my community college summa cum laude AA in hand, I transferred to the University of South Florida where I studied Creative Writing and Information Science. I couldn't afford to finish my senior year, so there is no piece of paper to validate that my brain hole took in knowledge. The internet teaches me things for free, so that's what I'm doing now.
Intellectual discussions of technology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, physics, screenwriting, food, grammar, and any number of topics yet to be discovered. 

I also enjoy humor in a variety of formats. 

I am offering my limited number of life hours in a fair value exchange for some means of procuring the resources required to sustain life, usually currency. A position that encourages me to continue informal education indefinitely while applying a growing skill set to innovate solutions within a creativity driven environment would be neat. 
My life goal is to utilize the full capacity of my intellectual potetial to improve the world, and I'm crazy enough to believe I can
I need help. 
Bragging rights
I graduated summa cum laude from community college.
  • University of South Florida
    English and Information Science, 2010 - 2012
    Associate in Arts, 2008 - 2010
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Ben McNulty

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Does anyone know of technology jobs in Europe or Canada that will pay for American talent to relocate?
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Ben McNulty

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There is a new free to play game for Xbox Live. Sign up for the Ascend: New Gods closed beta by following this link:
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Ben McNulty

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Yesterday I was informed that the internet is moving away from text to images and videos. I saw a movie once about all of the books being burned by the government. According to Wikipedia, books were the analog precursor to the kindle.

Anyway, here's some share bait for your pet sheeple.
Please help fund the Freemonkey Project, if you can.
If you can't, I understand because I can't afford altruism either.
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Ben McNulty

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Good Morning 9-5 Shift of Capitalist Slaves. In case you missed it last night, I have decided to get on the "shamelessly begging for money on the internet" bandwagon. I understand most of you are as poor as I am; sharing this link across your networks is a way to contribute for free. Everything helps. Even comments showing support help to distract me from the depression of poverty. Something has to change.
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Ben McNulty changed his profile photo.

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My beard is too epic to continue not using a photo on my assorted profiles.
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Your beard is awesome
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Ben McNulty

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Do you reject the false authority humans claim over one another based on religion, government, economics, and other tools of oppression? We do.

Do you believe autonomy is the birthright of every being of every species? We do.

Do you believe the life supporting resources of the Earth are for all beings to share freely? We do.

Humans were formed from dust and enslaved themselves.

Freemonkeys evolved from monkeys and reject human authority.

Free yourself from the tyranny of humankind.

Be a Freemonkey.
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Ben McNulty

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Ben McNulty

Building culture/Finding talent  - 
Does anyone have or know of employment opportunities for someone who codes in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL but has minimal experience in the industry? The attached link is a sample of my work. (Browse it on your desktop and then on your smartphone; that is what responsive design can be.)

I have valuable skills. Why is it so difficult to find someone willing to cover the expenses of my basic human needs (food, water, shelter, electricity, learning) in exchange for honest work? How many talented millennials are currently slaving away at entry level service industry jobs to put food on their tables because they lack years of experience and can't afford to live on an unpaid internship to get those years of experience? Why is the industry that connects the planet and promises a future for American workers so inaccessible outside of a few big cities?

When will the big technology companies recognize that hiring rambunctious digital natives to disrupt the status quo of their company will help them disrupt the status quo of their industry?

I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I don't know what is anymore. I've learned to live in modest comfort on less than $20,000 a year in Florida, yet I'm still out of work, out of food, out of money, and out of patience for this broken system.
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One of the companies I contract with may be willing to look at your resume. The CEO is very nice and looks for a wide range of skills. She does employ on a contract basis but it may be worth sending your resume her direction. If you would like you can email it to me, and I'll forward it with a good word. Or I can give you her contact info.  
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Ben McNulty

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When they say #RightToWork what they mean is #RightToFire.
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It's a bit more accurate but it doesn't have the same ring to it. Employers won't have any new ability to fire or replace people under the new legislation but they can start bringing in more non-union employees.

The biggest impact of the law is that it will diminish the political power of unions and drain their (already meager) strike reserves. Few workers voluntarily pay dues and proponents of Right to Work legislation know it. Without the money from mandatory dues, labor groups will be disadvantaged versus their opponents when trying to buy politicians. Once the opposition has been marginalized by lack of funding, you can expect to see some more aggressive legislation.

As my family is from Pittsburgh, our union story is a little bit different. My grandfather lived in the time when deaths were common in the steel mills and the unions fought the management for worker safety, medical expenses, and fair treatment. I don't think anyone can question that organized labor was necessary and good at that time. My father saw the other side of unions that has caused much of the public to turn against them. He encountered coworkers who refused to do anything more than the bare minimum as a matter of principle while receiving compensation and benefits far beyond what they deserved. When I was born, unions were a part of businesses leaving the state and even the country. My family relocated to Virginia (an employment at will, right to work state) when jobs became impossible to find in Pennsylvania. With a pro-business state government and plenty of DoD money, Virginia is even now the best place to find a job. Take that as you will.
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Ben McNulty

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I'm standing on the side of the information superhighway begging for change. I know many of you are struggling with poverty as much as I am; reading and sharing is free and appreciated.
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Ben McNulty

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Who else is using Branch? I got my invite today.

As with other projects coming from The Obvious Corporation, Branch utilizes Twitter for signing in. I'm not very active on Twitter these days, so hopefully I won't just be talking to myself.

For my first branch, I started a public brainstorming session for an ambitious project of personal interest to me. My goal for this branch is to collaboratively develop a substantive business plan and crowd-funding strategies for this unique project.

If using Branch is not yet an option for you, feel free to contribute in the comments and invite other interested people to this open discussion.
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Ben McNulty

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From the people who brought you blogging (Blogger) and micro-blogging (Twitter), we will soon have a new +Medium for expressing ourselves via the interwebs. I'm too verbose for Twitter and blogging has become passe, so I'm looking forward to experiencing this new way of communicating.

Right now, it just looks like a polished, minimalist blogging site, but there are signs it will be developing into something much better. I suspect the little green circles are going to be important. I'll share more after I receive contributor access, but this project from The Obvious Corporation is already worth a look.
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